2019 Dealer Master

Shiny & New Meet the newest member of our Premium Wax Line Every Star brite® PremiumWax & Polish ensures maximum shine, every time. Just choose the level of cleaning power for the job, and see the di erence. PREMIUM RESTORER WAX FOR MEDIUM–HEAVY OXIDATION Premium Restorer Wax removes oxidation and hazing, to restore the shine to berglass and painted surfaces. Polymers seal and protect for a brilliant restored nish. PREMIUM CLEANER WAX FOR LIGHT–MEDIUM OXIDATION Premium Cleaner Wax removes oxidation and cleans in one easy step. Faded surfaces shine like new, and remain lustrous with help from special UV-inhibitors. PREMIUM MARINE POLISH FOR ZERO–LIGHT OXIDATION Premium Marine Polish delivers long-lasting shine and maximum UV-protection to help prevent weathering and fading. The super smooth nish repels grime, dirt and stains, and can actually increase hull speed. Restore Clean Protect NEW