LNS-PMG Canada 2019

Conventional Primers use granular mica resulting in a more porous barrier Pettit Protect uses wide, overlapping, flat sheets of mica to create an impenetrable barrier Water Water Pettit Protect The others Epoxy Barrier Coats all have the same ingredients, but the protection they provide isn’t even close. Barrier Epoxies are formulated to prevent and repair water absorption and gelcoat blistering. The best selling two-part epoxies have identical ingredients: Talc and Mica. The amounts of each vary greatly from product to product. The two greatest factors for determining which offers the best protection is: 1. how much of each ingredient the product contains 2. the size and shape of the mica particles and how they lay out Pettit Protect contains more Mica, the ingredient that actually creates the barrier. Pettit Protect also contains far less inert Talc, which serves mainly to add volume. Bottom line: Pettit Protect is the only epoxy coating that provides an impenetrable barrier against water absorption and blisters. pettitpaint.com EPOXY A EPOXY B 8.2% 16.5% Talc Content Mica Content 11% - 27% 1% - 11% 15% - 30% 3% - 7% Epoxy Primer A Epoxy Primer B Pettit Paint® Pettit Protect ®