LNS-PMG Canada 2019

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL PWC & JET BOATS ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS ITEMS IN BLUE ARE NEW ITEMS IN ORANGE ARE NEW FROM PAYNES ] SEA VALUE v OVERSIZED d COURIER SURCHARGE 157 SAFETY Lightsticks & Non-Coast Guard Approved Distress Signals Item# Description Color Pack Case List 50-46411 6" Sticks 1 Green, 1 White 2 12 2.49 EA 50-46421 6" Sticks 2 Green, 1 White, 1 Red 4 12 4.99 EA • Battery-free emergency lighting • Provides hours of soft, glowing light • Weatherproof • Attach easily anywhere you need, with integrated hook and lanyard hole • Contents are non-flammable • 32" breakaway lanyard included LIGHT STICKS 46421 46411 Item# Pack Case List 50-45961 2 12 8.93 PK An ideal source of light during any night time situation. They are waterproof, self-igniting (no need for matches or batteries) and will not corrode. Lasts up to 12 hours. 2 pack. GREEN LIGHT STICK Distress Flags Item# Size Color Case List 50-78341 ] 3' x 3' Orange & Black 12 15.16 EA USCG Approved Orange Flag Black circle and square printed on international orange flag. PVC material. Reinforced grommets on each corner. Four pieces of line included for hold downs. DISTRESS SIGNAL S.O.S. FLAG Item# Size Case List 191-925 3' x 3' 12 12.99 EA 891-925 ] 3' x 3' 12 16.59 EA USCG approved orange flag. Heavy-duty vinyl construction. Packed in a resealable storage bag. Meets NY and OH requirements. DISTRESS FLAG Handheld Signal Products Item# List 33-1700 30.02 EA Sighted signaling mirror with float and whistle. HOT SHOT™ SIGNAL MIRROR & WHISTLE Item# Size Case List 891-916 3" x 4" 12 28.69 EA High quality, durable construction will not corrode due to salt water. Includes view finder and lanyard. Visibility is 10 miles. SIGNALING MIRROR Item# Case List 891-767 4 53.22 EA Bear Deterrent. Produces bright, dynamic flash & smoke (over 11,000 candella). Loud "Gunshot" sound (over 120 db). Quick load fire and reload launcher. Waterproof. Lightweight (Shells 1 / 2 oz, Launcher 4 oz). Made in USA. SIGHT & SOUND BEAR DETERRENT SHELLS W/ LAUNCHER Item# Pack List 891-984 2 44.89 EA Great daytime signal. Packed in a waterproof container, the green dye is easily visible for all aircraft. DYE MARKER Item# Pack Case List 191-956 1 6 41.99 EA 891-956 ] 1 6 46.29 EA Average burn time is 1 minute. Sold in case quantities only. 956 ORANGE HANDHELD SMOKE SIGNALS Item# List 891-52151 68.79 EA This is the best daytime approved signal to help rescuers pinpoint your position. Each floating canister delivers 3 minutes of a dense orange cloud. Will not harm the environment. SOLAS, USCG, and TC approved. ORANGE SMOKE SIGNAL Item# Case List 891-958 3 117.41 PK Orange smoke is the most dynamic, effective USCG approved daytime signal on the market. Each signal produces a large dense cloud and is perfect for boaters everywhere. Burns up to 1 minute each. HAND HELD TYPE D ORANGE SMOKE SIGNAL Item# Pack Case List 891-ECONO4 ] 4 3 71.49 PK Average burn time 3 minutes each. For boats up to 9 meters. Sold in case quantities only. HAND HELD RED SIGNAL FLARES Item# Pack Case List 891-52186 ] 1 6 30.19 EA This high intensity signal burns for 60 seconds and produces 15,000 candlepower. It is the perfect unit to help rescuers pinpoint your position. Will not produce hot residue harmful to inflatable liferafts. Pull cord ignition system. SOLAS, USCG, and TC approved. No minimum required. RED HAND HELD SOLAS FLARE