2020 Sea Value

X - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov Y - WARNING Reproductive Harm Z - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 38 ANCHORS Item# Special Taylor_Gull_Dockboxes_SV_1* NaN With a durable UV gelcoat finish and stainless steel lockable latch and hardware, the Stow 'N Go fiberglass dock boxes are anything but your average dock box. Stow 'N Go fiberglass dock boxes are built to last with a UV gelcoat finish, stainless steel hardware, a lockable latch and gas shocks standard on all models. Plus the interior has a smooth finish for easy cleaning – no stray glass fibers. Available in a variety of configurations. SMOOTH INTERIOR SURFACE Easy to clean and has no stray öĊ×ģģ ̏âëğģ ĩû×ĩ ã×ď ãĭĩ GAS SHOCKS Standard on all models NEW FOR 2020 Space saver triangle dock âĔľ Ĺýĩû ëĊëãĩğýã×Ċ ýďģëĩ S T O W 'N G O ™ F I B E R G L A S S D O C K B O X E S ABOVE YOUR AVERAGE DOCK BOX . WAY ABOVE . www.taylormadeproducts.com ® Item# Description Size Special Standard 32-83562 Y Small 54" W x 22" D x 24" H 789.99 32-83552 Y Medium 72" W x 23" D x 24" H 879.99 32-83551 Y Large 85" W x 22" D x 24" H 1099.99 32-83553 Y Deep Small 46" W x 26" D x 27" H 719.99 32-83554 Y Deep Medium 72.75" W x 28.25" D x 28.25" H 1099.99 Low Profile 32-83550 Y Small 40" W x 19" D x 20" H 599.99 32-83557 Y Medium 48" W x 20" D x 18" H 629.99 Top-Seat (seat built into lid) 32-83555 Y Large 73" W x 28.25" D x 30" H 1199.99 Triangle 32-83561 Y Triangle 54" W x 33" D x 27" H 789.99