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Thousands of Discounted Boating Accessories Inside Plus 30,000 More Items Available at Similar Savings • Full range of water-based antifoulings. Single season to Multi-seasonal • Powerful antifouling protection for all waters • No sanding or priming system for new boats with Fiberglass Bottomkote ® Aqua • Fast drying and easy clean up Water-based antifouling family Micron ® WA is a showcase water-based antifouling paint that offers long-lasting, multi-seasonal protection. Micron WA provides powerful antifouling performance while reducing impact on the environment; leaving a smooth, clean hull. Ideal for cruise, power and sail boats and suitable for all waters. • Water Activated Matrix Technology delivers powerful protection with crisp, vibrant colors • Outstanding protection in all waters • Easy to apply, fast drying and easy clean up Fiberglass Bottomkote Aqua provides a colorfast, durable, low emissions finish that will provide premium protection from algae, slime, barnacles, zebra mussels and other forms of fouling. The low VOC, low odor formula of Fiberglass Bottomkote Aqua is fast drying and has the added benefit of easy clean up with soap and water. • Outstanding water-based antifouling • Easy application and clean-up • Minimizes sanding requirements • Burnishable finish for racing boats Aqua-One Performance Ablative is a water-based antifouling delivering solid protection for all areas. The fast dry formula means easy application and easy clean-up. • Single-season performance ablative antifouling performance • Smooth, colorfast, and durable finish • Thin film finish delivers minimal paint build-up Color ranges are a print representation only, actual color may vary. Not for use in California Red Y6102 Black Y6103 Blue Y6100 Green Y6101 Red YBA549 Blue YBA569 Green YBA559 Red YBE149 Black Blue YBE169 Green YBE159 Black YBA579 Thousands of Discounted Boating Accessories Inside Plus 30,000 More Items Available at Similar Savings Who has over 5,000 items and loves to be around water? Seachoice is committed to delivering quality marine accessories and OEM replacement parts to satisfy fishing, boating and watersports enthusiasts worldwide. Seachoice is run for and by boaters, offering a wide-ranging product line while remaining affordable. s e a c h o i c e . c o m