2020 RV Master

The Industry Leaders in Detachable Power and Surge Protection Have Now Come Together! As pioneers of the detachable power industry, ParkPower is a brand you can trust for your complete line of tough, waterproof detachable power cordsets, adapters, inlets and accessories. 30A & 50A Cordsets Adapters Inlets Accessories Weekender by ParkPower products DUH EXLOW WR R΍HU RXWVWDQGLQJ YDOXH and the uncompromised quality ParkPower has been known for since 2004. 30A & 50A Cordsets Adapters Inlets )RU RYHU \HDUV 3URJUHVVLYH Industries has been dedicated to protecting your RV from faulty HOHFWULFDO FRQGLWLRQV :KHUHYHU WKH road may take you, make sure your RV and electrical accessories are safe with a surge protector from 3URJUHVVLYH ΖQGXVWULHV Portable Surge Protectors Hardwired Surge Protectors Accessories For more information, visit park-power.com fresh air, rain or shine! MAXX SHADE for non-powered roof vents or 12V powered ventilation fans MAXX SHADE Plus for 12V powered ventilation fans with “cool white” LED lighting vent or ventilation fan. Easy installation. 00-03900 -WHITE The perfect solution for blocking out sunlight and UV rays! 00-03901 - WHITE UNIMAXX ® Universal Vent Lid Replacement Kit Takes the hassle out of having to know what year your current lid was manufactured and who manufactured it! Replaces damaged vent lids on ELIXIR, HENGS, JENSEN, VENTLINE and other roof vent assemblies with MAXXAIR’s universal hinge. ALL hardware included 00-335001 WHITE 00-335002 SMOKE