2020 RV Master

The leading electrical companies have come together progressiveindustries.net Hardwired w/EMS Surge Protection Progressive Industries Hardwired Electrical Management System (EMS) provides full RV surge and electrical protection against all adverse power conditions. Feel secure with multi- mode surge, voltage, polarity and lost/open neutral protection. Each unit includes a digital display scrolling continuously through the power source information: voltage(s), current frequency, error code and previous error code (if applicable). A state-of-the-art microprocessor provides you with peace of mind, day or night, even if you’re away from your RV. 30A, EMS-HW30C 50A, EMS-HW50C Portable Surge Protection Progressive Industries Smart Surge Protectors (SSP) are portable surge protectors with the added benefit of a built in polarity protector that checks the status of the power source prior to use – providing an extra level of protection. The compact footprint and intuitive design simplifies storage and usage. 30A, SSP-30XL 50A, SSP-50XL