2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 108 Anchoring & Mooring Mooring Whips Item# Length Boat Size Max Load Color Box Special 50-79731 8' Up to 18' 2,000 lbs. Black 1 pr. 335.49 BX 50-79733 12' Up to 23' 4,000 lbs. Black 1 pr. 542.49 BX The economical way to fasten your boat, these fiberglass whips are exceptionally strong, attractive and will not obstruct your waterfront view. Acting as a spring, each whip is constructed to the most rigid specifications and is of the highest quality. •  Solid fiberglass rod construction • Durable cast-aluminum bases • Tough 3/8" thick mounting footprint •  Molded-in cleat, ring, and thumb screw for securing the whip into position • UV-protected • Functional tip allows easier access the boat • Patented materials Weight is more critical than boat length. Do not downsize whips. Select the proper size for your vessel. SEACHOICE MOORING WHIP Conventional Tip Built-in Cleat & Ring Item# Length Boat Size Max Load Box Special 686-3400Fd 12' 23' 5000 lbs. 1 pr 499.99 BX 686-3600Fd 14' 28' 10,000 lbs. 1 pr 624.99 BX 686-3800Fv 16' 33' 20,000 lbs. 1 pr 677.99 BX Ideal for protecting boats up to 33' in non-tidal areas from damage caused by wind and wake. These fiberglass whips act as a spring to maintain your boat at a safe convenient distance from your dock. •  Manufactured from solid fiberglass rod and wrapped in three additional multistage, cross wound fiber layers •  Impervious to UV degradation, cold or heat •  Unique line tensioner for easy, one handed operation •  Complete set of two Premium Mooring Whips •  Mounting hardware and spring lines included PREMIUM MOORING WHIP Roller Tip Fixed base Cleat Item# Length Max Load Box Special 686-3450F 12' 5,000 lbs. 1 pr 729.99 BX 686-3650Fd 14' 10,000 lbs. 1 pr 833.99 BX 686-3850Fd 16' 20,000 lbs. 1 pr 884.99 BX Manufactured from the same materials and to the same quality standards of the Premium Whips, these Ultimate Whips include rocker bases to compensate for most tidal fluctuations and to clear flying bridges and towers when not in use. Each whip set includes a pair of whips, rocker bases, whip and spring lines and one handed line tensioners. Easy set-up. ULTIMATE MOORING WHIP Rocker Base Roller Tip Cleat 79731: Includes two 5/8" dia. x 18' whip lines (white) and one 5/8" dia. x 35' spring line (white) 79733: Includes two 5/8" dia. x 24' whip lines (white) and one 5/8" dia. x 55' spring line (white)