2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 110 Anchoring & Mooring Boarding Ladders Item# Steps Special 50-71550w 3 53.49 EA 50-71560w 4 62.99 EA Non-anodized aluminum 7/8" tubing. Polyethylene steps, 11" hooks and support legs. Folds flat for storage. Portable, hooks to the boat gunwale. Weight capacity of 250 lbs. 71550: Width: 15". Height 36" 71560: Width: 15". Height 47" BOARDING LADDER 71560 71550 Item# Steps Stowed Deployed Special 3-19684w 4 12" x 14 1/2" 12" x 34 1/2" 207.99 EA Designed to allow for boarding at transom - mounts directly on transom. Folds down and telescopes into water. Self-locking brackets hold ladder secure against transom. 304 stainless steel. Bungee cord securing strap included. Nylon bushings between sections for smooth deployment. Weight capacity of 270 lbs. TELESCOPING TRANSOM LADDER (collapsed) Item# Steps Size Special 3-19803w 3 38" L x 13" W 324.99 EA SPORT/DIVER LADDER With an angled design for easy boarding and a vertical center for use with diving gear. Features oval steps with non-skid surface and quick release mounting bracket with lock for easy stowage. White epoxy powder coated aluminum is completely foam filled so it floats. Mounts easily on transoms and transom platforms with quick release mounting hardware. Rated to 400 lbs. Includes 99180 quick release mount & 99193 storage brackets. Made in USA Item# Size Special 332-DL3X 36" L 309.99 EA 332-DL4X 46" L 359.99 EA All stainless steel construction, rated at 400 lbs. Features 1 3/4" thick-walled tubing. Divers will appreciate the center bar design and comfortable angel for easy ascent. Wrap-around PVC treads provide maximum foot comfort. Includes DLB3 mounting bracket with w/ lock pin for positive lock and quick-release. Electropolished corrosion resistant tubing. Manufacturer's unlimited lifetime warranty. Made in the USA. SPORT/DIVER BOARDING LADDER DL4X Swim Platforms & Ladders Item# Description Special 50-71501 O/B Poly Swim Platform 199.99 EA 50-71521 I/O Poly Swim Platform 203.49 EA Maintenance-free. High strength polyethylene will not bleach, fade or crack. 7/8" dia. tubing is polished stainless steel. All stainless steel hardware included. 300 lb. capacity. Platform is 14" L x 18" W. 71501: One wraparound stainless steel rail. One underside bracket and support tube. 71521: Twin wraparound stainless steel rails. 71521 71501 POLY SWIM PLATFORM Item# Description Steps Special 50-71351w Ladder & Platform 2 260.49 EA 50-71361w Ladder & Platform 3 326.99 EA 50-71281w Ladder Only 2 103.49 EA 50-71301w Ladder Only 3 143.99 EA 50-71321w Ladder Only 4 204.99 EA •  Ladder is secured with a hook & loop strap when in the stowed position •  Fiberglass platform, stainless steel tubing •  Includes hardware for both outboard and inboard/outboard applications •  Telescoping capability •  Maintenance-free high strength platform •  Black plastic treads provide a secure stepping area •  All stainless steel hardware included •  300 lb. Capacity •  Platform: 14" L x 18" W •  Ladder Overall Width: 15". Step Tread: 7.25" x 1.5" 71281: Length deployed: 21.5". Length stowed: 13.5" 71301: Length deployed: 34.5". Length stowed: 15" 71321: Length deployed: 46". Length stowed: 15.5" UNIVERSAL SWIM PLATFORMS WITH TOP MOUNT LADDER 71281 71351 (O/B Configuration) 71351 (I/O Configuration) Item# Steps Stowed Deployed Special 3-1961661w 3 11 1/2'' x 14 1/2'' 11 1/2'' x 34 1/2'' 151.79 EA Steps fold over and telescope down. They fold over flat on the platform. Flat poly treads for comfort. Electropolished stainless steel. Stainless steel folding gudgeons and securing strap included. OVER PLATFORM TELESCOPING LADDER Item# Steps Stowed Deployed Special 332-TDL4X 4 13'' x 16 1/2'' 13'' x 44'' 289.99 EA Constructed of thick-wall electropolished stainless steel tubing. Folds over flat onto the platform for compact storage. Made in USA OVER PLATFORM TELESCOPING LADDER Item# Steps Stowed Deployed Special 332-SM3X 3 12 1/2" x 15'' 12 1/2'' x 35'' 276.99 EA Thick wall stainless steel ladder telescopes and stores under the platform. Nylon lock strap included. Made in USA UNDER PLATFORM TELESCOPING SLIDE MOUNT LADDER (Collapsed)