2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 118 Plumbing Item# Special JohnsonPump_Qtr* NaN HEAVY DUTY BILGE PUMPS SPX-FLOW Johnson Pump® Heavy Duty Bilge Pumps provide the advantages of a durable pump with less noise, vibration, amp draw and cracking of housing through it’s saltwater tested design. HEAVY DUTY BILGE PUMP 2200 HP HEAVY DUTY BILGE PUMP 1600 HP • Tall Stack Heavy Duty Pole Motor • Hermetically Welder Motor Assembly with Double Ball Bearing Design • Angle Discharge, Threaded Ports, External Hose Barb Attachment, & Check Valve Included • 2200 Fits Competitors Base For Easy Drop In Replacement • Available In Automatic & Non-Automatic Item# Volts Amps Special 50-19401 36 15 18.99 EA UNIVERSAL SERIES FLOAT SWITCH Item# Size Volts Amps Special 23-42027w 2 5/8" x 4 1/4" 12-24 12 37.99 EA AUTOMATIC FLOAT SWITCH Item# Volts Amps Special 189-36152w 12 15 44.99 EA ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FLOAT SWITCH Item# Volts Amps Special 189-36303w 12/24 20 49.99 EA ULTIMA SWITCH Item# GPH Hose Volts Amps Special 189-32503w 500 3/4" 12 2.5 29.99 EA 189-32703w 750 3/4" 12 3 44.99 EA 189-32903w 1000 3/4" 12 3.2 53.99 EA Repl. Parts Description GPH Special 189-28512w Repl. Motor Cartridge 1000 39.99 EA 189-28572w Repl. Motor Cartridge 750 37.99 EA 189-28552w Repl. Motor Cartridge 500 24.99 EA Item# GPH Hose Volts Amps Special 189-3247258003w 600 3/4" 12 2.5 84.99 EA 189-3247259003w 800 3/4" 12 3 95.99 EA 189-3247260003w 1000 3/4" 12 3.2 102.99 EA 189-3247261002w 1250 1 1/8 & 1 1/4" 12 3 117.99 EA •  Completely sealed electronic fluid sensing switch prevents corrosion •  Easy replacement with removable basket •  3/4" straight or 90º Dura-Ports •  Check valve eliminates pump cycling. •  3 year warranty ULTIMA AUTOMATIC BILGE PUMP Item# GPH Hose Volts Amps Special 698-SS5212w 650 w/o Non-return valve, barbed connection 3/4" 12 3.4 91.99 EA 698-SS1212w 1100 w/Non-return valve 1" - 1 1/8" 12 4.6 119.99 EA SUPERSUB SMART LOW PROFILE AUTOMATIC BILGE PUMP Bilge Pump Switches Item# Volts Amps Special 50-19411 12 15 19.49 EA AUTOMATIC FLOAT SWITCH The narrow design is ideal for tight spaces and the multi-position pump head and body makes either a vertical or horizontal installation quick and easy. Pump automatically senses the water level and switches on and off as needed with an environmentally friendly, solid-state, mercury free design that is unaffected by wave action. 3" max. overall height, 2 1/8" max. overall width. SS1212 SS5212 Item# GPH Hose Volts Amps Special 189-1600400w 1600 1 1/8" & 1 1/4" 12 7 103.99 EA 189-22004w 2200 1 1/8" & 1 1/4" 12 7.5 131.99 EA Common chemical & fuel resistant, impact resilient thermo plastic body design with removable motor cartridges. 316 Stainless Steel Shaft and Corrosion Resistant Hardware. Check Valve and ¾” Straight or 90º Dura-Ports allow multi-directional hose routing. Easy to maintain or replace with removable motor cartridges that allow any capacity motor without removing the entire pump. Made in USA. CARTRIDGE BILGE PUMP •  Replacement motor cartridges fit Johnson Pump aerators, bilge, low boy, twinport, shower sump pumps •  Universal pump housing allows for upgradeable GPH Activates pump automatically. For use with all DC bilge pumps. Ignition protected. Marine grade tinned wires. GPH: 2000. 2 year warranty. •  Converts virtually any bilge pump to automatic operation •  Made of noncorrosive ABS material •  Ball activation Mounts on any surface from horizontal up to a 24 degree angle. Wire leads do not flex or hinge with the float like some competitive models. Integral cover dampens bilge sloshing and filters debris. Sealed switch resists moisture, fume-ignition, and shock. Mercury free design. 3-Year Warranty. Compact mechanical switch. False start prevention, no mercury, high impact plastic and encapsulated electronics adds up to dependability. Activates pump at 2" water level, deactivates pump at ¾" water level. 18 Month limited warranty. Patented Mirus field effect detector cells detect disruptions caused by water and fluids, and are not affected by oil or foreign debris. Electronic Switch with no moving parts and totally sealed solid-state electronics, this mercury-free switch never corrodes or jams on debris. Activates/deactivates at 2" and 3/4" fluid levels. Rated to handle pumps up to 20 amps at 12V or 24V DC.