2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 125 Plumbing Item# Description Size Special 6-290905000vu Compact Bowl Size 16" D x 17 3/4" W x 13 1/2" H 251.99 EA Repl. Parts Description Special 6-290403000u Twist 'N' Lock Pump Assembly Complete 142.99 EA TWIST 'N' LOCK MANUAL TOILET Item# Description Special 6-290403000u Twist 'N' Lock Pump Assembly Complete 142.99 EA Fits 29090 & 29120 Series manual toilet. MANUAL MARINE TOILET SERVICE PARTS Item# Description Size Volts Special 6-370103092vu Compact 17 5/8" D x 13 7/8" W x 14" H 12 594.99 EA Electric flushing with a push-button, white vitreous China bowl. Self-priming flush pump rinses bowl as macerator and high capacity scavenger pump grinds up waste. Inlet is 3/4". Outlet is 1". ELECTRIC MARINE TOILET Item# Size Special 189-804722901vw 13 9/16" H x 17 11/16" W x 16 11/16" D 154.99 EA •  This intuitive, simple to use, Twist 'N' Lock™ handle works by locking the new coneshaped piston into place which helps to prevent any backflow during a voyage •  Powerful swirl action for efficient flush. •  Full sized external seal housing allows quick clean seal replacement and instant access to pump cylinder •  Pure white vitreous china bowl •  Reversible pump mount for left or right handled installation •  Angled pump for easy pumping •  Powerful self priming pump for above or below the waterline installation •  Fittings: Connections for 3/4" (19mm) inlet hose, 1 1/2" (38mm) ID outlet hose Made from white vitreous porcelain, and with corrosion resistant parts throughout. Quiet, robust and easy to clean. Designed for virtually any onboard mounting position. Features & Benefits: •  One self priming electric pump with macerator for flushing and disposal •  Robust wooden seat with baked enamel finish •  Low water consumption. 2.5 l/flush •  Versatile plumbing connection options •  Automatic back-flow prevention •  May be installed above or below the waterline •  Complies with ISO 8846, ignition protection and EN 55014 EMC20 •  Ergonomic pump handle for ease of use •  Pump can be mounted left or right of the toilet bowl •  Innovative brake bushing prevents annoying leakage at the handle •  Robust wooden seat with durable baked enamel finish •  Self-priming pump •  Suitable for OEM or replacement installation, direct replacement for Jabsco. AQUA-T™ COMPACT MANUAL TOILET Item# Size Volts Special 189-804743501vw 14 11/16" H x 13 9/16" W x 16 1/2" D 12 326.99 EA AQUA-T™ 12V COMPACT STANDARD ELECTRIC TOILET Holding Tank Chemicals & Filters Item# Description Size Scent Special 50-90751 Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment 32 oz. Lemon 16.99 EA 50-90761 Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment 64 oz. Lemon 23.99 EA HEAD TREATMENT Item# Size Special 323-MK4532 Quart 23.99 EA HEADS UP™ HOLDING TANK DEODORANT •  Non-formaldehyde, non-staining, biodegradable formula •  Latest technological lubricants keep drain valves from sticking •  Breaks down waste quickly and efficiently •  One ounce treats five gallons •  Fresh lemon scent controls holding tank odors •  Complies with EU criteria for biodegradable products; contains lubricants that prevent drain valves from sticking Works instantly to control odors in Black or Grey water holding tanks. Economical, long lasting with pleasant fragrance. Detergent additive helps keep holding tanks clean. Helps break down waste and tissue. Use in marine or RV holding tanks, recirculating and portable toilets. Non-toxic and non-formaldehyde formulation. Item# Size Pack Special 51-9108557759 8 oz. Liquid 4 41.99 PK 51-9108557757w 32 oz. Liquid 21.99 EA 51-9108557756w 1 Gal. Liquid 43.99 EA Eliminates odors. Breaks down waste. 100% biodegradable. No Formaldehyde. MAX CONTROL ADVANCED HOLDING TANK DEODORANT Item# Size Special 51-9108557705w Gallon 40.99 EA SANX®/TDX TREATMENT CHEMICAL Biodegradable. For use in SanX and TDX waste treatment systems. Each gallon will handle four treatment cycles.