2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 129 Electrical Item# Female (Boat) Male (Dock) Special 69-S1530w 30A 125V Locking 15A 125V Straight 60.99 EA 69-S3015w 15 or 20A 125V Straight 30A 125V Locking 60.99 EA These high-quality, ergonomically designed, one-piece adapters have a built-in LED power indicator, are Marine UL® listed and are used much like Pigtail Adapters - however, they do not have sealing collars. Use only in an enclosed, dry location, such as powering your boat from a 15A power receptacle inside your house. Female connector (boatside) attaches to boat inlet or cordset. Male plug (dockside) attaches to the dockside receptacle or cordset. 5 year warranty. Not recommended for use in wet locations. EEL SHOREPOWER™STYLE STRAIGHT ADAPTERS S2015/S3015 S1530 S3015 S1530 Item# Female (Boat) Male (Dock) Special 69-105SPPw 15A 125V straight blade 30A 125V locking 79.99 EA 69-104SPPw 30A 125V Locking 15A 125V Straight Blade 69.99 EA Feature power indicator light, contoured grip and thumbprint ground blade locator. Yellow. (104SPP & 150SPP female connector is locking with sealing collar, the male is straight blade with locking screw). LED PIGTAIL ADAPTER 104SPP 105SPP 104SPP 105SSP Item# Female (Boat) Male (Dock) Special 69-153AYw (2) 30A 125V 50A 125/250V 279.99 EA For use in wet locations. Female has sealing collar system. Male and female are locking type. "Y" ADAPTERS 153AY Item# Rating Special 69-301ELBw 30A, 125V 76.99 EA Non-Metallic.Stainless Steel Trim. Marine grade UV stabilized glass-filled polyester construction with stainless trim. Easy Lock System. Soft Touch cap stays open in the upright position. Watertight cap. 4-way right angle rear safety enclosure. STANDARD POWER INLET Item# Rating Special 69-303SSELBw 30A 125V 130.99 EA Solid cast marine grade 316 stainless steel. Includes a heavy duty cap strap for strength and durability. The covers include a heavy duty cap strap are designed to stay hinged open when lifted up. 4-way right angle rear safety enclosure. STAINLESS STEEL POWER INLET Item# Rating Length Color Special 69-6152SPPw 50A, 125/250V 50' Yellow 731.99 EA LED power indicator light, threaded ring and the Marinco Easy Lock ring, high quality marine grade construction, super flexible 6 gauge 3 conductor cable, watertight molded plug and connector, and the Easy Lock system. 5 Year warranty. 50A POWERCORD PLUS CORDSET Item# Rating Description Color Special 69-6364CRNw 50A, 125/250V Female Connector Yellow 126.99 EA 69-6365CRNw 50A, 125/250V Male Plug Yellow 116.99 EA All nylon construction with strain relief system. Cover is MarineGuard II with polycarbonate ring. 6365CRN 6364CRN 50A FEMALE CONNECTOR AND MALE PLUG