2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 135 Electrical Item# Special NOCO_Half_Jumpstarters_1* NaN Item# Description Special 143-CJSXLH20w 7.25" H × 4" W × 1.5" D 169.99 EA The Cobra Marine JumPack H2O is designed to jumpstart marine outboard engines and large v8 gasoline and diesel engines. The rugged, waterproof design makes it the perfect portable power device all year long. Includes: JumPack, Cable with camps, Car charger cable, AC adapter, Charge adapter cable & carry case. •  Two Ways to Start: Direct from the battery, From the vehicle’s 12V port (CLP) •  All-Weather Performance •  Dual 3A USB Charging Ports •  Built-In Emergency LED Flashlight •  12000 mAh, 44.4 Wh UL registered lithium-cobalt battery. •  400 Amp Starting Current, 600 Amp Peak Current. •  UL2743 Compliant Design JUMPACK™ XL H2O JUMP STARTER •  Compact, yet powerful lithium jump starter with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection •  Ultra-bright LED flashlight with 7 light modes, including SOS & Emergency Strobe •  Recharge personal devices like smartphones, tablets, e-watches and more •  Multiple jump starts on a single charge •  GB70 and GB150 include portable 12-volt power for tire pumps, inverters, lights and more; plus rapid recharging in just over 3 hours Item# Amps For Special 589-GB20w 500 Gas engines up to 4L 92.99 EA 589-GB40w 1,000 Gas engines up to 6L, diesel up to 3L 113.99 EA 589-GB50w 1,500 Gas engines up to 7L, diesel up to 4.5L 195.99 EA 589-GB70w 2,000 Gas engines up to 8L, diesel up to 6L 226.99 EA 589-GB150w 3,000 Gas and diesel engines up to 10+L 339.99 EA