2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 141 Electrical Item# Special BlueSea_HalfVert* NaN Add-A-Battery Kits Switches two battery banks simultaneously while maintaining battery bank isolation. Can combine two battery banks in the event of a low start battery. Automatically combines battery banks when charging and isolates when discharging. Dual sensing senses charge on two battery banks. Waterproof IP66 rated: Protected against powerful water jets. bluesea.com Item# Special 661-7650w For alternators up to 120A 163.99 EA Item# Special 661-7649w For alternators up to 65A 132.99 EA Terminal/Fuse Blocks & Buss Bars Item# Special 661-2340w 26.99 EA Tin plated copper bus handles voltage up to 32VDC and is rated for 100 Amps. #8-32 Screw terminals w/ captive star lock washers ensure a good connection. BATTERY TERMINAL MOUNT BUSBARS Item# Description Amps Special 661-5024w ATO / ATC Fuse Block Kit 30 39.99 EA Easy to install 4 ATO®/ATC® fused circuits mounts directly on the battery terminal studs. Screw terminals for securing wires with insulated ring terminals and covers included. •  Screw terminals for securing wires •  Accepts small format labels •  Insulating cover meets ABYC/USCG insulation requirements •  Ignition Protected-for use in gasoline engine compartment •  Includes 4 write-on circuit labels •  Includes four 16-14 AWG and four 12-10 AWG Nylon insulated ring terminals •  Fuses sold separately 5024 Kit includes a 4-circuit negative busbar ST-BLADE BATTERY TERMINAL MOUNT FUSE BLOCK Item# Stud Size Special 661-2002w 5/16" x 7/8'' 3.30'' x 1.75'' 14.99 EA 661-2003w 3/8" x 7/8'' 3.30'' x 1.75'' 14.99 EA Connect high amperage cables securely. Includes insulator caps. 48 volts DC maximum. Posts have no amperage rating because amperage flows between terminals stacked on the post and is determined by the wire and terminals used. POWERPOST CABLE CONNECTOR Item# Size Type Special 265-002843011 2 1/4" dia. Battery Master 26.99 EA Repl. Parts Description Special 265-706729011 Spare Key 9.99 EA Allows interruption of the main battery cable for effective protection against unauthorized use of the boat. Positive or negative cable can be switched off as required. Key can be removed in "off" position, current interrupted. Seawaterproof. Tin-plated contacts. U.L. listed. Line connection: 2 screw terminals, M10. Maximum load 12V: 1000 A (10 sec.) 24V: 500 A (10 sec.). Black base, red knob. BATTERY MASTER SWITCH •  Compact, lightweight •  Removable key •  Countersunk recesses for surface mount application •  Standard 2 1/16" (52 mm) hole cut out (same as std gauge hole) •  Inside: captive inserts for 3/16" (4.8 mm) nuts providing full access for cables with no restrictions •  Standard interchange label system •  Molded in high temperature, fiber reinforced plastics 701 CONTOUR MANUAL BATTERY MASTER SWITCH Item# Mount Volts Size Special 969-701Sw Surface or Recessed 6-48 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 3" 47.99 EA 4 POSITION - OFF/1/BOTH/2 The 701-S is the most compact selector switch available on the market. Housed in the same manner as the 701 and includes the same removable side plates and back cover. The 701-S offers a simple economical way of separating two batteries. •  Rated 200A continuous, 300 intermittent, 1000 cranking. •  Panel mount version requires standard 1 1/16" hole cut out. 701-S MINI BATTERY SELECTOR SWITCH Item# Mount Volts Size Special 969-701w Surface or Recessed 6-48 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 3" 40.99 EA