2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 152 Lighting Item# Dia. OD Height Lumens Special 50-06621w 4" 5 1/2" 1 5/8" 243 31.99 EA 50-06631w 5" 6 3/4" 2" 225 38.99 EA Highly polished stainless steel bright white cabin light. Heavy duty festoon clear pattern glass lens. Built in stainless steel toggle switch. 06621/06631: 15W/12V. 12V-6 CP bulb supplied. Fasten with #6 screws. DOME LIGHTS Item# Dia. OD Height Lumens Special 50-03281w 4" 5 1/2" 1 5/8" 340 73.99 EA 50-03291w 5" 6 3/4" 2" 340 83.99 EA 03281/03291 LED cabin light: 12V, 24 diodes. Fasten with #6 screws. Item# Housing Dia. LED Color Volts Special 40-166027w White 5 1/2" White/Red 12 65.95 EA 40-166017w Stainless 5 1/2" White/Red 12 82.95 EA Low profile surface mount dome light. 3 position rocker switch for "White/Off/Red". The dome light has 21 warm white and 9 red LEDs. The warm white light provides a natural color setting for living spaces while the red light provides night vision and is used for spaces such as cockpits and steering stations. "COLUMBO" LED INTERIOR DOME LIGHTS 166017 166027 Item# Color A B C Special 354-4017551w Chrome 4" 5 3/4" 1 5/8" 52.99 EA 354-4017571w White 4" 5 3/4" 1 5/8" 44.99 EA Constructed of corrosion resistant lightweight plastic. Prewired with integral on/off/ on rocker switch and two separate light circuits. One circuit uses a clear bulb and the other circuit uses a red night vision bulb. Low current consumption (0.068 amps @ 12 volts). Very little heat and extremely long service life. Vibration resistant LEDs. Surface mounts with #8 RH fasteners (not included). LED DAY/NIGHT DOME LIGHT White Chrome T-Top & Strip Lights Item# Pole Color Special Includes C-Clamp Mounts 23-141907w Threaded Marine Gray 34.99 EA 23-141917 Threaded Real Tree® Max-4 Camo 44.99 EA Be seen and be safe with these compact and portable LED navigation lights. Ideal for personal water craft, camping, and hunting. Kit includes red/green LED bow light, white LED stern light, quick release mounts, pole, and hardware. •  Water-resistant bow and stern navigation lights •  Sealed electronics, built to last in harsh conditions •  Sealed, shock-proof housing and shatter-proof polycarbonate lens •  150+ hour run-time on 3 AAA batteries (not included) For nighttime operation of small boats and tenders w/o 12V systems. Not intended to meet U.S.C.G. regulations. Not for use on boats that can exceed seven knots. BATTERY OPERATED LED PORTABLE NAV LIGHT KIT Camo Bow Stern Gray Bow Stern Item# Type Mount Special 40-274007wBi Color Suction cup w/flex arm and C-clamp 39.99 EA 40-274407wStern w/24" pole Suction cup w/flex arm, C-clamp & U bracket 47.99 EA Designed for small watercraft, dinghy, canoe, row boat, kayak, etc that are manually powered or less than 23' with speeds up to 7 knots. Compact, only 5 1/2" long and use high quality long lasting LEDs. The special round plastic projector lens can be conveniently used as flashlight or spot light. Housing is made from high quality plastic with a rubber grip that is seawater resistant and incorporates a carabineer clip to allow for attaching to boat with a lanyard. Different mounting options with C-clamp, suction mount with flexible arm and special adapter for adhering to irregular surfaces (Suction cup use not recommended for high impact, high vibration applications). Requires 4 AAA Batteries (not included). The lights include 2 1/2" flexible arm with adapter. SERIES 27 COMPACT LED PORTABLE LIGHTS Pole: Clamp/Bracket Clamp Stern light Bi Color Dome Lights Item# Dia. OD Height Lumens Special 50-06641 4" 5 1/2" 1 5/8" 225 32.99 EA 50-06651w 5" 6 3/4" 2" 225 39.99 EA DAY OR NIGHT VISION DOME LIGHT Red Light Feature Highly polished stainless steel cabin light. Two illumination features: Bright white and red. The red light is ideal for night time use. Heavy duty clear pattern glass lens. Built in stainless steel toggle switch. 15W/12V. 12V-6 CP bulb supplied. Fasten with #6 screws. Item# Length Color Special 232-LED51947DPw 1' Blue 22.99 EA 232-LED51946DPw 1' Cool White 22.99 EA 232-LED51951DPw 2' Blue 34.99 EA 232-LED51950DPw 2' Cool White 34.99 EA 232-LED51954DPw 4' Blue 51.99 EA 232-LED51953DPw 4' Cool White 51.99 EA 232-LED51957DPw 6' Blue 74.99 EA 232-LED51956DPw 6' Cool White 74.99 EA Use LED Flexstrip rope light under cabinets, shelving, interiors, bars, edge lit panels or any other application you can think of. Longer lengths are great for Pontoons, T-Tops and under gunwales. The lights are super bright and consume very little power. TH Marine rope lights are encased in a waterproof sheath, can be cut to length and are water and moisture resistant. Includes hi-strength 3M backing tape for easy mounting. LED FLEXSTRIP ROPE LIGHT Cool White Blue Bright White LED Cabin Light: Incandescent Cabin Light: