2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 153 Lighting Item# Special Scandvik ScanStrip_Qtr_1* NaN Item# Special THMarine_LEDLight_HalfVert_1* NaN LIGHTING THE WAY IN LED INNOVATION LED LIGHTS LED FLEX STRIP LIGHTS CUP HOLDER LED ACCENT RING ▪ Simple 2-wire connection ▪ Scroll from white/blue/red/ green with any switch ▪ Auto reset to white when off for 4-seconds ▪ Surface mount design includes screws ▪ 12/24 V (10-30VDC) ▪ IP65 Waterproof ▪ 8”, 16”, 20” Lengths BOAT BLING! Update your task lighting to 4-color Scan-Strips Item# LED Color LEDs Length Volts Special 390-41346Pu White 17 8" 12 26.99 EA Scandvik has re-designed the ever popular LED Scan-Strip with newer & brighter LED technology. The SMD2835 LED provides more illumination with low power draw. Mount this RIGID LED Scan-Strip anywhere you want more illumination and better visibility, in wet or dry locations. IP68 Rated. USCG Certified Ignition Protected (SAE J1711) SCANSTRIP LED LIGHTS Item# Length LED Color LEDs Lumens Volts Special 390-41650Pu 8" Red/Green/Blue/White 15 94 12 28.99 EA 390-41651Pu 16" Red/Green/Blue/White 30 180 12 42.99 EA The Scan-Strip 4-Color LED light can be mounted anywhere: under gunwales, in lockers, coolers, and fish boxes. Use in cabins for general or courtesy lights. Simple 2-wire connections with any on/off switch is all that is required to cycle from White to Blue to Red to Green. Switching off for more than 4 seconds resets the color to white. Includes SS mounting screws. IP65 Rated. 1 Year warranty. •  Colors: Daylight White (5500-6300K), Blue, Red, Green •  Lifespan 30,000 + Hours •  120° Beam Angle •  Ideal for under gunwale lighting SCAN STRIP RGBW LED LIGHT