2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 154 Lighting Item# Special LumitecPoco_HalfVert_1* NaN Courtesy Lighting Item# LED Color Hole Special 50-05481w White 0.75" 13.49 EA 50-05511w Green 0.75" 13.49 EA 50-05501w Red 0.75" 13.49 EA 50-05491w Blue 0.75" 13.49 EA Can be used in harsh environments with moisture exposure. Excellent for lighting walk-ways, steps, seating and lounging areas. Installed with a tough nylon nut and two TPE gaskets, included with each light. •  Completely waterproof •  Includes a removable corrosion resistant 316 SS polished cover to control light direction •  Easy installation with threaded nylon nut •  Includes two chemical resistant TPE gaskets •  IP68 Rated – water & dust proof •  Life performance: 50,000 hours LED MINI ACCENT OR LIVEWELL LIGHT 05491 05501 05511 05481 Item# Bezel LED Color Lumens Special 50-03101w (1) Chrome, (1) White White 160 17.99 EA 50-03111w (1) Chrome, (1) White Red 200 17.99 EA 50-03121w (1) Chrome, (1) White Blue 200 17.99 EA 12V. 4 LED lights. Pre-drilled to accommodate #6 screws. 3" Dia. x 5/8" D. Packed with both chrome and white bezels. LED COURTESY INTERIOR LIGHT Item# Color LED Color Lumens Special 50-03131w Stainless Steel White 220 35.99 EA •  Integrated On/Off switch •  316 Stainless Steel •  Hidden fasteners for a clean appearance •  2 Mounting screws hidden behind the cover •  Can be mounted on 1" bar with round bar adapter (included) LED SURFACE MOUNT AREA LIGHT Item# LED Color Special 23-6350B7w Blue 29.99 EA 23-6350W7w White 29.99 EA Extremely compact, just 1.63" long. With electro-polished 316 Stainless covers and fully sealed electronics. Perfect for step, accent, and courtesy lighting; the Micro Light can be used in rod storage boxes without risk of water damage, under hardtops, or even mounted to rails! •  .75 watts at 12 VDC. •  Comes with both horizontal and vertical bezels. LED MICRO LIGHTS l u m i t e c l i g h t i n g . c o m C Logo Reversed : go - knockout pocoDigital Lighting Control UNBEATABLE VALUE SKU NAME 101699 Poco Digital Lighting Control Module The Poco Digital Control module can be controlled through a compatible MFD or connected smart device . Poco Digital Lighting Control Module DIGITAL LIGHTING CONTROL Poco Digital Lighting Control delivers powerful, low cost, on-board lighting control through a compatible MFD or connected smart device and a simple, easy to install control module. Suitable for new builds or refits, the Poco control module is compact, completely sealed and offers the sophisticated lighting control previously found only on high end yachts. When installed with Lumitec’s PLI-enabled lights more functionality is unleashed – without additional control wires. Simple, powerful, afforadable. 451-