2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 157 Lighting Item# Housing LED Color Lumens Size Volts Special 451-101102w White White/Blue 1000 4.49" x 1.65" 10-30 192.99 EA 451-101103w White White/Red 1000 4.49" x 1.65" 10-30 192.99 EA The Caprera2 LED flood light boasts an improved beam pattern, increased lumen output and two-color technology that provides amazing white output with either elegant blue or night vision-preserving red for navigating hazardous waterways. Our wide beam optical technology puts the light across the deck where you need it most. CAPRERA2 DUAL COLOR, DIMMABLE LED FLOODLIGHT Item# Description Size Lumens Volts Amps Special 451-101586wDimming Flood Light 18"L x 1.5"H x 3.5"D10,000 10-30 9 @12V744.99 EA The World’s first flush-mount light bar. Easily integrates into most existing hardtop, arch, and pilothouse designs – typically with only minor modification. When mounted facing forward, Razor’s long-throw and high position are invaluable for spotting markers and obstructions. When positioned downward and aft, it floods cockpits and surrounding areas. Lumitec’s thermally-vetted designs avoids overheating and subsequent damage to hardtops that can be caused by enclosing other manufacturer’s light bars in a ‘pod’. Two beam patterns ensure the light goes where you need it. RAZOR LED LIGHT BAR Item# Description Lumens Volts Special 390-41440Pu White 900 12/24 62.99 EA The perfect solution to illuminate your deck or cockpit. Featuring five, daylight white 3W LEDs providing 900 effective lumen output. A Zytel® composite housing was designed for the marine environment. Adjustable stainless steel bracket mounting solution. Guaranteed against corrosion, discoloration and water intrusion. Comparable to a 120 watt halogen bulb.. •  12/24 Volt (8-30 Volts DC) •  Polycarbonate Lens •  UV Resistant •  Cool white LED color (5,500 - 6,300K) •  Temperature of LED: less than 158° with 77° ambient temperature •  Five 3 Watt 3535 LEDs, 900 Lumen •  LED Lifetime: 50,000 Hours •  LED Beam angle: 110° •  0.8 Amp draw at 12 Volt •  IP67 •  Dimensions: 41/2”W x 1 1/16” x 1 3/4” BRACKET MOUNT SPREADER LIGHT Make working your deck or cockpit much safer on a dark night. Guaranteed against corrosion, discoloration and water intrusion. Anodized aluminum with a clip over composite frame. Comparable to a 120 watt incandescent bulb. Three year Manufacturers Warranty. Item# Description Size Special 390-41343Pu Flush Mount 5 7/8" x 2 3/8" x 1 7/16"D 74.99 EA •  12/24 Volt (8-30 Volts DC) •  High Quality Composition Frame •  Polycarbonate Lens •  UV Resistant •  Hidden Mounting Screws •  Cool white LED color (5,500 - 6,300K) •  Temperature of LED: less than 158° with 77° ambient temperature •  Five 3 Watt 3535 LEDs, 900 Lumen •  LED Lifetime: 50,000 Hours •  LED Beam angle: 125° •  0.8 Amp draw at 12 Volt •  IP68 •  Dimensions: 6” W x 2 1/2” H x 1 3/4” D •  Cutout: 4 1/2” W x 1 1/2” H FLUSH MOUNT LED SPREADER LIGHT Docking Lights Item# Housing Pack Special 158-DL16CCw Black 1 pr. 34.99 PK Includes two quartz halogen 35watt lights, stainless mounting brackets, rubber bracket boots, safety-fused wiring harness and lighted switch. DL16WC has marine white housing plus white rubber bracket boots. DOCKING LIGHT KIT Search & Spotlights Item# Lumens Color Volts Watts Special 50-08093u 1,100 Black 12V 55W 28.99 EA •  Extremely bright Halogen bulb - lights up the night •  Durable ABS plastic housing •  8' Coiled cord for 12V power ports •  Molded handle •  IP65-rated - dust-proof and water resistant 12V SPOTLIGHT 55W Item# Lumens Color Watts Special 50-08091w 300 Yellow/Black 5 32.99 EA •  Durable water-resistant design. It floats •  Housing is strong ABS material •  Cree LED •  3 Light Modes: 100% / 50% / S.O.S. Flash •  Full charge runtime: 8 hrs •  Folding hanger on top of the light and wrist strap on handle •  Uses 4 AA batteries (not included) WATERPROOF LED SPOTLIGHT Item# Lumens Watts Special 40-867007w 350 3 75.95 EA Provides bright light and a beam distance of approximately 1,200'. Completely waterproof with IP67 protection. Pistol trigger grip that is TPR coated for no-slip function. Supplied with AC home and 12V DC charger. Powered by 3.78V 2,200 mAh 18650 battery with overcharge protection and charging indicator. Switch with locking function and 4 settings; high, low, S.O.S. (flashing alert), and off. Also rear red flashing alert. Includes a lanyard and a whistle for sound signaling. CARY LED RECHARGEBLE HANDHELD SEARCHLIGHT Item# Color Size Candle Power Volts Special 69-SPL12Ww White 7.5"W x 7.5"H x 9.25"D 210,000 12/24 424.99 EA •  Replaceable 100W, H3 halogen bulb (12V bulb installed) •  Universal 12 & 24 Volt circuit •  UV resistant, IP56 Weatherproof ABS housing and Lexan® lens •  Double O-ring sealed housing, designed for the harsh marine environment - moisture, salt, shock and vibration tested •  Universal easy snap-in mounting system (can be mounted upside down) •  Super-quiet, all-weather motor with limit stops •  370° sweep& 120° Tilt (75° up / 45° down). One touch auto sweep & S.O.S. •  Wireless dash mount remote standard •  5-Year limited warranty Draws only 1.3A @12V. Fully water sealed (IP67 Compliant) and, as with all Lumitec products, proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.