2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 164 Boat Care Item# Size Special 74-96232 32 oz 11.99 EA •  Formulated to remove tough stains, greasy smears & grime •  Powerful formula is tough on dirt, won't harm vinyl •  Contains no harsh acids or caustic cleaners •  Engineered for use on vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather surfaces ULTIMATE VINYL CLEAN Item# Size Special 74-95932 32 oz 22.99 EA Enhances appearance and UV protection to all vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather surfaces. Restores suppleness to vinyl in the harsh marine environment. PTEF® polymers bond to surface to form a barrier to help repel stains and damaging UV rays; acts like a sunblock for vinyl. Use as often as needed to keep vinyl looking great. ULTIMATE VINYL GUARD WITH PTEF® Item# Size Special 74-88922 22 oz. Spray 14.99 EA Dissolves oily stains, grease, fish blood and dirt. Formulated to eliminate foul odor. Foaming action lifts dirt so that it can be rinsed away. PTEF polymers bond to treated carpet to repel stains and damaging UV rays. Formulated to clean all indoor and exterior marine carpets. ULTIMATE CARPET CLEAN WITH PTEF Item# Size Special 74-95022 22 oz. 15.99 EA "Shoos" spiders away without harming them. Keeps messy spiders away from your boat. Safe for use around pets and children. Ideal for use around the house, and garden, too. SPIDER AWAY Meguiar's Boat Care Item# Size Special 290-M4416w Pint 15.99 EA Safely removes light oxidation, stains and blemishes on all fiberglass and painted marine or RV surfaces. Revives faded, oxidized surfaces to their original vibrant color. COLOR RESTORER Item# Size Special 290-M4916 Pint 16.99 EA Removes moderate oxidation, scratches, stains and tough water spots on all fiberglass gel coat and painted marine or RV surfaces. Restores color by effectively removing surface degradation. OXIDATION REMOVER Item# Size Special 290-M6732 Quart 34.99 EA An advanced, aggressive and safe cutting compound with polish that cleans and restores gel coat surfaces in one step. Removes moderate to heavy oxidation, stains, scratches and tough hard water spots by hand or by machine and leaves a rich gloss on the treated surface. ONE STEP COMPOUND Item# Size Special 290-G190526 26 oz. 28.99 EA Protection that’s so easy to use, you can actually wax your paint as you rinse off your vehicle! •  Just spray on, rinse off, and dry •  No rubbing, curing, or buffing •  Advanced SiO2 hybrid technology delivers ceramic wax protection •  Protection and durability beyond conventional wax •  Extreme water beading action HYBRID CERAMIC WAX Item# Size Special 290-M4364 Half Gallon 14.99 EA Long-lasting sudsing action. Safely removes grime and dirt. Refreshing scent. Biodegradable. BOAT WASH Item# Size Special 290-M5416 Pint 8.99 EA Biodegradable wash lifts boat scum, dirt, salt spray, grime, bird droppings and other loose contaminants. Sheeting action greatly reduces drying time. Does not strip wax. GEL WASH Item# Size Special 290-M5016 Pint 18.99 EA 290-M5032 Quart 28.99 EA Item# Special Meguiars_Detailer_Qtr_US_1* NaN For expert advice and product recommendations contact us at 800-347-5700 (M-F 7am-5pm pst, Sat- 7am-3pm) Please visit marinerv.meguiars.com. • Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax is an easy to use product that removes light oxidation, minor water spots, stains while delivering great protection • Non-abrasive formula that cleans, polishes and protects in one easy step • Long lasting protection against UV rays, salt air and corrosion. • Safe for use on gelcoats, bright metal and marine paints. #290-M5016