2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 166 Boat Care Item# Special CRC_OnOff_Qtr_1* NaN MARYKATE® ON & OFF Hull & Bottom Cleaner Works instantly to remove the toughest waterline stains. Safe on gel coat. Also availble in gel formula. Clings to the surface to remove stubborn scum lines and rust stains. Bold, blue color makes it easy to see where the product has been applied. Pleasant scent. THE #1 HULL & BOTTOM CLEANER STRONGEST FORMULA AVAILABLE ©2021 CRC Industries, Inc. For the full line of CRC® Marine and Marykate® products, Visit CRCINDUSTRIES.COM Item# Size Special 323-MK66 12 oz. Paste 29.99 EA Contains carnauba, the world's hardest natural wax in the world. Gives unmatched protection and preserves showroom brilliance. Designed specifically for marine finishes. Use on fiberglass, painted surfaces, aluminum, chrome and stainless steel. TREWAX® BOAT PASTE WAX Item# Size Special 323-MK2832u 32 oz. 17.99 EA Cleans grease, grime, oil, rain stains, fish blood and more. Great on virtually any surface. Heavy duty formula is four times stronger than most spray cleaning products. Non-flammable. SPRAY AWAY™ ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER Item# Size Special 323-MK2132 Quart 22.99 EA Cleans and brightens fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome, brass and aluminum. Removes dirt, grease, grime and chalking. Easy to use on most surfaces above the waterline. Great for non-skid decks, shower stalls and tubs. CLEANING DETAIL® NON-SKID DECK CLEANER Item# Size Special 323-MK6732u Quart 19.99 EA Quick, easy and effective. Instantly removes black streaks caused by water runoff on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. No scrubbing necessary. Spray on/wipe off. Commercial grade. INSTANT BLACK STREAK REMOVER EXTREME MARINE WATER SPOT DETAILER Item# Size Special 290-M180232 32 fl.oz. 17.99 EA Item# Special Meguiars_Cleaner_Qtr_US_1* NaN Extreme watercraft deserve nothing but the most advanced products on the market to ensure the best in appearance and performance. Meguiar’s® Extreme Marine products are precision engineered to maximize your extreme marine lifestyle with incredible results in less time. • Advanced chemistry safely removes hard water spots, cleans & leaves lasting protection in one easy step. • Safe on painted, fiberglass, gel coat, colored plastic, glass, chrome and stainless steel surfaces. • Durable polymer protection boosts existing wax protection, intensifying beads and minimizing future spotting. Water Spot Detailer • Quickly and easily lifts stains frommany surfaces. • Extremely eective at cleaning water marks on outboard engines & drives, fiberglass, gel coat, vinyl, rubber, non-skid, canvas, clear plastics & is in glass. • Just spray and wipe to remove stubborn dirt, grime, oil, fish blood stains & more. Multi-Surface Cleaner • Advanced formula delivers lasting protection and light cleaning in one easy step. • UV-inhibiting agent and special conditioners help prolong the life of precious vinyl & rubber surfaces in and around your watercraft. • Leaves a non-greasy, satin gloss finish. Vinyl & Rubber Protectant #290-M180232 #290-M180332 #290-M180132 For expert advice and product recommendations contact us at 800-347-5700 (M-F 7am-5pm pst, Sat- 7am-3pm) Please visit marinerv.meguiars.com. Item# Size Special 290-M180332 32 fl. oz. 17.99 EA EXTREME MARINE MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER EXTREME MARINE VINYL & RUBBER PROTECTANT Item# Size Special 290-M180132 32 fl. oz. 17.99 EA Item# Size Special 323-MK2032 Quart 19.99 EA ON & OFF LIQUID HULL & BOTTOM CLEANER Item# Size Special 323-MK3532 Quart 20.99 EA ON & OFF GEL HULL & BOTTOM CLEANER Item# Size Special 323-MK3132 Quart 21.99 EA Maximum-strength formula quickly removes the heaviest oxidation and eliminates waterline stains, lime deposits and algae stains. Not for use on painted surfaces ALUMINEX™ PONTOON & ALUMINUM CLEANER Marykate Boat Care Item# Size Special 323-MK2232w Quart 20.99 EA Highly concentrated synthetic detergent. Non-streaking. Leaves no residue. Cleans away dirt and grime, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Will not strip wax. Biodegradable formula. 1 quart makes up to 64 buckets of wash. SUPER SUDS™ BOAT SOAP