2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 173 Boat Care Item# Special Shurhold_Watersprite_Half* NaN CLEAN, POLISH, PROTECT with the most trusted name in yacht care. Shurhold manufactures the best detailing brushes, machine polishers, waxes, and more. Our mission is to provide you with quality tools and the best techniques to achieve a showroom shine. Item# Special 658-130 15.99 EA Line carrying feature, centered push-off, and basic boat hook. Features exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release adapter. Use with Shurhold handles (not included). Handles sold separately. 3-IN-1 BOAT HOOK Item# Description Special 658-113 Soft 'N' Thirsty Strip Mop 39.99 EA All are oversized. Feature SHUR-LOK quick release adapter. Fits all Shurhold handles. Handles sold separately. MOPS Item# Size Bristles Color Special 658-960 6" Soft polystyrene Yellow 36.99 EA 658-955 6" Medium polystyrene Yellow 33.99 EA 658-950 6" Stiff polypropylene White 33.99 EA Flared bristles, angled head design and wrap around safety bumper. Features Shur Lok quick release adapter. Fits all Shurhold handles. Handles sold separately. DECK BRUSHES Item# Length Special 658-760 60" 23.99 EA Exclusive Shur-Lok quick release system positively locks any Shurhold handle quickly and easily with all Shurhold accessories. The Shur-Lok design guarantees that Shurhold attachments will never spin or pop off during use. FIXED LENGTH HANDLE Item# Length Special 658-833 40"-72" 37.99 EA 658-855 60"-108" 47.99 EA Handle quickly locks with all Shurhold accessories. Both 2 piece handle assemblies feature the SHUR-LOCK system providing secure locking at the desired length. TELESCOPING HANDLE Item# Description Bristles Color Special 658-1960 Brush w/Handle Soft Yellow 31.99 KT 6" hard wood block polypropylene bristle brush is mounted on a 48" threaded wood handle. MARINE MATE BRUSH WITH WOODEN HANDLE