2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 178 Maintenance Item# Type Size Special 71-36109 Light Cutting Pint 33.99 EA 71-36110 Light Cutting Quart 57.99 EA 71-36111 Light Cutting Gallon 179.99 EA 71-36105 Medium Cutting Pint 37.99 EA 71-36106 Medium Cutting Quart 64.99 EA 71-36107 Medium Cutting Gallon 204.99 EA Specifically formulated for boats, RVs, and industrial gelcoats, this polish is ideal for one-step processes. •  One step compound and wax •  Combines cutting power with glossy finish & durable wax •  Great for marine, RV, and industrial gelcoat surfaces •  Stays wet longer so you use less, and have less cleanup Light Duty: Removes P1500 and finer scratches and protects the surface Medium Duty: Removes P1000 and finer scratches and protects the surface PERFECT-IT™ GELCOAT CUTTING COMPOUND/WAX Item# Size Special 71-36101 Pint 56.99 EA 71-36102 Quart 89.99 EA 71-36103 Gallon 297.99 EA PERFECT-IT™ GELCOAT HEAVY CUTTING COMPOUND This fast-cutting compound removes heavy oxidation, scratches, and other defects. Use 3M™ Perfect-It™ Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound for any P800 and finer scratches. Its improved formula has longer wet times for easier clean up and less dust. This formula works better in warm climates and allows you to use less material than before. Item# Size Special 71-30343 Pint 47.99 EA 71-30344 Quart 86.99 EA 71-30345 Gallon 284.99 EA A professional-grade formula designed to be used as a single-step compound and polish or second step finish. •  Removes P1000 and finer scratches on gelcoat while offering a high gloss and fine finish - even on darker colored gelcoat •  Formula provides longer wet time for extended product life and easier cleanup •  Suitable for all gelcoat surfaces PERFECT-IT™ GELCOAT COMPOUND + POLISH Fillers & Putties Item# Size Special 71-05801u Gallon 47.99 EA LIGHTWEIGHT BODY FILLER Item# Size Special 71-46005w Quart 94.99 EA 71-46006w Gallon 277.99 EA MARINE PREMIUM FILLER Item# Size Special 71-46013u Quart 125.99 EA 71-46014u Gallon 299.99 EA MARINE HIGH STRENGTH REPAIR FILLER FLEXPOXY 7076 Item# Size Special 93-7076w 6.45 oz Cartridge 35.99 EA Item# Size Special 93-7050w 6.45 oz. cartridge 36.99 EA EZ FAIR FAIRING COMPOUND Cures to a tack-free state in 15 to 20 minutes. This filler has a creamy texture, spreads smoothly, easy to sand and is vacuum processed to minimize pinholing. A two-component vinyl-ester filler designed for marine filling and fairing applications above and below the waterline. Resists water absorption into hulls, decks, and other fiberglass parts. Hardener included. A two-component vinyl-ester filler formulated with short strand fiberglass for blister and other semistructural repairs. High performance reinforced filler is designed to reduce water absorption into repaired areas, reducing the possibility of future osmotic blister damage. Hardener included. A two-part epoxy resin that does not sag, run, or shrink. Thick formula allows it to fill large cavities in a single application. When cured, it remains flexible. Creates a superior bond to all epoxies, polyester resins, metals and wood. Can be machined, sanded, drilled and tapped. Low odor formula is resistant to chemicals and is safe to use above and below the waterline. Can be molded and shaped during application and is easily tinted with paints and stains. Flexpoxy can be over coated by most paints and stains. A lightweight, two-part epoxy putty for filling and smoothing surface imperfections above and below the waterline. For fairing metal keels or any underwater surface. Use it for leveling uneven surfaces, filling gouges, scratches, or other damage on fiberglass, wood or metal surfaces. Chemical & water resistant, ideal for repairing blistered gelcoat. Waterproof when cured. Sands to a smooth finish. Can be easily painted. Fast-cure formula. Handles like putty, hardens like steel, sands like wood. Non-magnetic, non-rusting and noncorrosive. Self hardening plastic metal. Repairs damaged and leaky hulls, dry rot, cracked crank cases, engine blocks, fuel tank leaks, water A convenient repair paste, one to one mix, for emergency or permanent repairs. Bonds to wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and many plastics. Waterproof. Cures in one hour at 72° F. Can be drilled, tapped and sanded. tanks, piping, & more. Provides adhesive and barrier coat for mounting anodes. Impervious to oil, grease, and other chemicals on board. Will not shatter when bumped. Can be sanded, drilled, sawed, threaded and painted. Item# Color Size Special 185-RM320Kw Gray 2 oz. kit 19.99 PK MARINE-TEX™ RAPID-SET Item# Color Size Special 185-RM301Kw Gray 2 oz. kit 24.99 BX 185-RM302Kw Gray 14 oz. kit 60.99 BX 185-RM305Kw White 2 oz. kit 24.99 BX 185-RM306Kw White 14 oz. kit 60.99 BX MARINE-TEX EPOXY PUTTY Item# Size Special 74-87004w 4 oz. 24.99 EA EMERGENCY REPAIR EPOXY/ALUMINUM PUTTY STICK Item# Size Special 74-87104w 4 oz. 24.99 EA EMERGENCY REPAIR EPOXY PUTTY STICK For making permanent and emergency repairs on aluminum boats, outdrives, fuel and water tanks and other aluminum parts. Easy to use. Bonds in minutes. Can be sanded, painted, drilled, tapped and filed. For making permanent and emergency repairs on fiberglass, wood, metal and plastic. Easy to use. Just hand-knead until color turns white and apply. Forms tenacious bonds in minutes, even underwater. Can be sanded, painted, drilled, tapped and filed.