2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 179 Maintenance Resin Item# Special EvercoatRepair_Half_1* NaN Item# Size Special 75-100554u Pint 37.99 EA 75-100553u Quart 51.99 EA 75-100552u Gallon 132.99 EA PREMIUM MARINE RESIN WITH WAX Item# Size Special 75-100637u 1/2 pint 49.99 PK POLYESTER FIBERGLASS REPAIR KIT Item# Size Special 75-105501u Gallon 80.99 EA BOATERS CHOICE RESIN WITH WAX West System Products EPOXY RESIN Item# Size Special 655-105Aw Qt. 49.97 EA 655-105Bw .98 Gal. 110.78 EA Item# Size Special 655-205A .44 Pint 28.31 EA 655-205B .86 Quart 59.65 EA FAST HARDENER Item# Size Special 655-206Au .44 Pint 28.31 EA 655-206Bu .86 Quart 59.65 EA SLOW HARDENER The finest quality, extra-white plastic waterproof filler for filling dents, scrapes and gouges in wood, metal, fiberglass and concrete. A true miracle mender that won't shrink, crack or pop out. A long time favorite of consumers everywhere. Hardener included. The perfect polyester resin for marine repairs. An extra-thick, finish coat resin, it cures tack-free. May be used on soft woods, fiberglass and metal. Ideal repair for hulls, decks, cabins and tanks. Seals all boat surfaces, resists impact and protects against dry rot. Use with Sea-Glass fabrics and Evercoat coloring agents. Hardener included. Fast and easy permanent repairs of fiberglass, most woods and metals. Strengthens, repairs and rebuilds. Repair cracks and holes in fiberglass and wood. Kits may be used for small lay-up jobs or fabricating missing fiberglass panels. Includes: Fiberglass fabric, spreader stick, polyester resins (or resin gel) and liquid hardener. A general purpose polyester resin. Contains wax for a tack free finish. Includes MEKP hardener. Item# Size Special 75-100572w Half Pint 22.99 EA 75-100571w Pint 33.99 EA 75-100570w Quart 47.99 EA FORMULA 27 ALL PURPOSE FILLER Clear, light amber, low viscosity. Designed to wet out and bond with wood fiber, fiberglass and some metals. Self-leveling with roller applications. Cures in wide temperature range and can be sanded or shaped afterwards. Relatively high flash point. Excellent adhesive when mixed with filler to reduce sag. Viscosity is approximately 1000 CP at 70° F. Use with #300 dispensing pumps. Produces rapid cure. Use with 105 resin, 5:1 for rigid, high strength, moisture resistant solid. Pot life of 9 to 12 minutes at 72° F. Use with #300 pumps. Use with 105 resin, 5:1, yields high strength, rigid, moisture resistant solid. Pot life at 72° F is 20 to 25 minutes. Use with #300 Pumps. Item# Size Special 655-8654w 2 - 4 oz. bottles 28.67 BG An easy to use 2-part system for quick repairs, tooling and general bonding. May be used in spot applications to hold parts together while standard epoxy bonds cure. Bonds to wood, fiberglass and metal. Not recommended for long term bonds subject to high loads or moisture. Cures in 3-5 minutes. G/5 FIVE-MINUTE ADHESIVE