2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 18 Electronics Electronic & Accessory Mounts Item# Size Fits Special 922-APT15001 6" White 2kW/4kW Raymarine; Garmin & Navico BR24/3G/4G radomes 369.99 EA 922-APTF15001 6" White 2kW/4kW Raymarine; Garmin & Navico BR24/3G/4G radomes (Forward leaning w/ 25-degree rake) 369.99 EA 922-APT25001 10" White 2kW/4kW Raymarine; Garmin & Navico BR24/3G/4G radomes 379.99 EA •  Installs on cabin roof, flybridge or arch •  Antenna fastens with it's own mounting bolts •  Pre-drilled mounting holes •  Internal cable management •  Watertight base seal; no sealant needed •  White powder coated •  25° Aft leaning •  Internally mounted cable seal APT25001 APT15001 ALUMINUM POWERTOWER® Item# Description Special 922-SCCW02E Surface 177.99 EA The IPX6 waterproof 12/24V Qi certified waterproof wireless charging range enables charging for the outdoor environment, without phone charging cables. Surface Mount. Low-profile, flush-mounted charge pad with an ultra grippy, non-slip surface. Fits any smooth surface, indoors or out. ROKK WATERPROOF WIRELESS CHARGING Item# Special ScanstrutHalf* NaN scanstrut.com Waterproof Wireless Phone Charging Mount. • Mount & Charge • IPX6 Waterproof • 12/24V Input • Qi Certified Compatible with wireless charging enabled phones of all sizes from all major brands. ROKK Wireless - Active. 922-SCCW04E Item# Special 922-SCCW04E 288.99 EA Item# Size Special 922-SCUSB02 3.7" x 1.53" x 1.14"H 44.99 EA ROKK CHARGE+ WATERPROOF DUAL USB CHARGE SOCKET Easy Install Closed The ultimate rapid charge waterproof USB charger with dual socket connectivity that can charge devices up to 3x faster than standard USB sockets. Featuring an ultra low profile, that’s perfect for any outdoor application. •  Universal fit for any USB Type-A connector •  Charge up to 2 devices at a time •  Click & Lock Lid •  Output current 4.2A (total) •  IPX6 waterproof with cover closed •  Anti-corrosion coating on circuit board •  UV resistant •  316 stainless hinge and spring Item# Special 922-SCCW06E 114.99 EA Nest safely houses & wirelessly charges your phone at the same time. Keep your phone in a safe place onboard, tucked away, charged and ready to go. •  12/24V input •  IPX6 Waterproof •  Easy assembly •  Fits any design ascetic •  Instant charging. No connection needed •  Qi-certified wireless charging NEST WATERPROOF WIRELESS CHARGING POCKET Item# Special 922-SCCW08E 108.99 EA •  12/24V input compatible •  IPX6 Waterproof •  Instant charging, no connection needed •  Qi-certified wireless charging •  Compatible with a wide range of device sizes from Apple, Samsung and many more •  Charges through non-metallic waterproof cases up to 3mm thick (0.11") 12/24VDC WATERPROOF WIRELESS CHARGING MAT APTF15001