2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 184 Maintenance Spray Paints & Primers Item# Size Special 94-YPB351A 16 oz. 32.99 EA InterZinc is an underwater anti-corrosive metallic protector in a convenient, easy to use aerosol. Superior adhesion to properly prepared underwater metals including stainless steel, aluminum, lead, steel and bronze. InterZinc defends against corrosion for running gear such as shafts, struts, rudders and trim tabs. The fast-drying formula dries smooth and creates a hard durable surface. INTERZINC Item# Color Size Special 94-YBA063A16 Black 12 fl.oz 46.99 EA 94-YBA064A16w Gray 12 fl.oz 46.99 EA 94-YBA068A16 White 12 fl.oz 46.99 EA TRILUX® 33 AEROSOL Item# Size Special 94-YPA985w 12 fl. oz. 32.99 EA PRIMOCON® AEROSOL Aluminum Outdrive Protection in an Aerosol •  Ideal for use on aluminum outdrives and other underwater metals •  Biolux® Technology to help block slime •  Convenient aerosol application Underwater Metal Primer Can use before applying Trilux® 33 Aerosol or Trilux® 33. •  A non-bleeding, anti-corrosive primer •  Provides an barrier on underwater metal surfaces •  For use on aluminum outdrives and outboards, stainless steel, bronze props and shafts Item# Description Application Special 710-92-802878Q 1u Phantom Black Enamel Merc OB & MCM/MIE engines & drives 14.99 EA 710-92-802878Q50wEDP Prop Paint, Black 13.99 EA 710-92-802878Q52vLight Gray Primer 13.99 EA SPRAY PAINT Item# Color OEM # Size Special 114-025350 Mercury Phantom Black (1960-Present) 92-7838312 12 oz. (340g) 10.99 EA 114-025516 Honda Oyster Silver Metallic 12 oz. (340g) 13.99 EA 114-025461 Johnson/Evinrude White (1972- Present) OEM173744 12 oz. (340g) 13.99 EA 114-025488 Volvo I/O Gray ('89-Present) 12 oz. (340g) 13.99 EA 114-025469 Yamaha Metallic Blue Silver ('85-90) LUB87PNTSLVR 12 oz. (340g) 13.99 EA 114-025515 Yamaha Dark Blue Metallic ('94-97) 12 oz. (340g) 13.99 EA 114-025814 Yamaha Bluish Grey 12 oz. (340g) 13.99 EA ENGINE PAINT Item# Description Special 114-025519 Clear Coat Lacquer (6995) 13.99 EA CLEAR COAT LACQUER Item# Description Color Special 114-025801 Zinc Phosphate Yellow 13.99 EA 114-025802 Zinc Phosphate Green 13.99 EA ZINC PRIMER For steel and iron surfaces, especially welded joints above and below the waterline. This corrosive barrier contains 95% of zinc, for maximum resistance against solvents & abrasions. Heat and solvent resistant acrylic lacquer is formulated for the extended staying power boat engines need. Color matched to your engine's original color. Use on all outboard & inboard engines, stern drive & lower unit apps. 12 oz. (340 g) Aerosol •  Increases luster and depth •  Formulated for the marine environment •  For use on all outboard & inboard engines, stern drive and lower unit applications •  Enhanced U.V. protection Item# Size Special 93-1870w 2 Quart Kit 265.99 PK SUPERIOR UNDERWATER PROTECTION FOR ALL METALS Prevents fouling on underwater metal running gear such as Propellers, Trim Tabs, Propeller Shaft and Rudder, Prop Strut, Sail drives, strainers, Thrusters and other underwater metal or running gear. Even low levels of fouling on running surfaces can cause efficiency losses up to 20%. Keep your vessel performing at its best with Running Gear Guardian. •  Multi-season dual biocide formula prevents fouling •  Easy application & long lasting results •  Excellent adhesion & protection •  Durable, slick, ultra-smooth finish •  Increased fuel efficiency RUNNING GEAR GUARDIAN Item# Size Special 93-179220w 20 oz. Aerosol 39.99 EA ZINC PROTECTION FOR ALL UNDERWATER METALS. Excellent protection for bare metals including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel, and lead. It forms an excellent bond and inhibits corrosion. Smooth, hard finish will selfclean in service, can be used above or below the waterline. Contains the highest percentage of pure Zinc. Easy to use fast drying. PROP COAT BARNACLE BARRIER Item# Size Special 93-3021w 8 oz. 32.99 EA EZ-Poxy performance enhancer is an additive that can be used in all Pettit high gloss solvent based topside paints: EZ-Poxy, EZ-Decks, EZ-Bilge and Varnishes. This hardener can be applied over well adhered one-part finishes. •  Increases gloss, hardness, durability and longevity of Pettit solvent based topside finishes •  Provides the durability and gloss of linear polyurethanes with the ease of use of enamels and one-part polyurethanes •  Increases flow out of brush strokes and roller stipple, providing a mirror-like high gloss finish EZ-POXY PERFORMANCE ENHANCER ANTIFOULING FOR ALUMINUM OUTDRIVES & OUTBOARDS Copper-free antifouling forms a hybrid paint film to handle the marine environment without building up over time. Hybrid Reactive Technology features biocide more effectively along with film modifiers to reduce build-up, maintain uniform color consistency, and lower weight with a smoother finish than traditional paints. ECO HRT smooth durable paint surface wears away over time, eliminating build up and the need for sanding. •  Advanced slime resistance •  Excellent for all underwater metal surfaces •  Smooth durable polishing finish •  Compatible over most bottom paints ECO HRT AEROSOL OUTBOARD/OUTDRIVE SPRAY Item# Color Size Special 93-1800w Black Aerosol 51.99 EA