2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 186 Maintenance Item# Color Size Special 94-YBD779G Black Gal. 279.99 EA 94-YBD769G Blue Gal. 279.99 EA 94-YBD704G White Gal. 279.99 EA A water-based, copper free antifouling formula with the proven benefits of Micron: long lasting, multi-season protection for superior performance. •  Easy application and clean up, fast drying, and VOC compliant •  Safe for use on any boat bottom including aluminum and underwater metals MICRON® NAVIGATOR Item# Color Size Special 94-5583Q Black Quart 111.99 EA 94-5583G Black Gallon 309.99 EA 94-5580Q Blue Quart 111.99 EA 94-5580G Blue Gallon 309.99 EA 94-5582Q Red Quart 111.99 EA 94-5582G Red Gallon 309.99 EA MICRON® CSC Item# Color Size Special 94-YBD103G Black Gallon 342.99 EA 94-YBD100G Blue Gallon 342.99 EA 94-YBD101G Green Gallon 342.99 EA 94-YBD102G Red Gallon 342.99 EA 94-YBD104G Shell White Gallon 342.99 EA MICRON® CF WITH BIOLUX® Delivers unrivaled, multi-season protection against harsh fouling conditions. Great on boats of all size, and in all waters - Fresh to Salt Water. This state of the art SPC (Self Polishing Copolymer) technology provides constant protection against fouling at the dock or underway Item# Color Size Special 94-YBC452Q Black Quart 159.99 EA 94-YBC452G Black Gallon 349.99 EA 94-YBC451Q Blue Quart 159.99 EA 94-YBC451G Blue Gallon 349.99 EA 94-YBC453G Dark Blue Gallon 349.99 EA 94-YBC454G Green Gallon 349.99 EA 94-YBC450G Red Gallon 349.99 EA MICRON® EXTRA SPC Item# Color Size Special 94-V105UKITQTUS Original Quart 69.99 EA 94-V106UKITQTUS Blue Quart 69.99 EA 94-V107UKITQTUS Red Quart 69.99 EA A high-performance, friction-reducing antifouling formulated with fluoro-microadditive to produce a supersmooth racing finish. The coating is up to eight times thinner than traditional paint, reducing weight and drag surface, while virtually eliminating paint build-up. Suitable for use in fresh water or low fouling cold salt water. VC 17m Premium Multi-Year Antifouling. long lasting protection Long-lasting multi-season protection against all kinds of fouling threats, in all conditions.. •  Suitable for power and sail, in all waters •  Minimizes paint build-up and sanding Multi-Season, Copper Free Antifouling Can use on any power or sailboat, including aluminum hulls, and as a polishing antifouling, Micron CF will wear away to help reduce friction, and reduce paint build-up. Item# Color Size Special 94-7790UQ Black Quart 69.99 EA 94-7790UG Black Gallon 205.99 EA 94-6690UQ Blue Quart 69.99 EA 94-6690UG Blue Gallon 205.99 EA 94-4490UG Red Gallon 205.99 EA Best Value Ablative ACT provides great season to season antifouling performance. Ablative technology enables the coating to wear away during use, eliminating paint build-up and removing the need for sanding. Trusted by boaters and boatyards, ACT protects against moderate to heavy fouling in all water conditions. •  Season to season antifouling performance •  Eliminates build-up and sanding •  Overcoats existing antifoulings ACT Item# Color Size Special 94-YBA579Gw Black Gallon 198.99 EA 94-YBA569Gw Blue Gallon 198.99 EA Outstanding Water-Based Antifouling Durable and colorfast antifouling which protects against all fouling threats. The water-based formula results in low odor and easy clean-up, combined with a low film thickness for a smooth racing finish. Ideal for use on new boats, trailered, and on inflatables. •  Exceptionally smooth finish that reduces drag and friction •  Low Volatile Organic Content (VOC), low odor formula •  A thinner film means less paint build-up Not for use in California FIBERGLASS BOTTOMKOTE® AQUA Item# Color Size Special 94-YBB379Q Black Quart 59.99 EA 94-YBB379G Black Gallon 153.99 EA 94-YBB369Q Blue Quart 59.99 EA 94-YBB369G Blue Gallon 153.99 EA 94-YBB349Q Red Quart 59.99 EA 94-YBB349G Red Gallon 153.99 EA All Purpose Antifouling Protection At A Great Price Unique Dual Resin Technology provides the benefits of both hard and ablative antifoulings. Combines durability, preventing premature wear-through, with slow polishing, ensuring consistent antifouling performance and a smooth finish. •  Seasonal performance at a good value •  Dual Resin Technology minimizes build-up and sanding •  Paint and launch on the same day FIBERGLASS BOTTOMKOTE® NT Item# Color Size Special 94-YBB263G Black Gallon 303.99 EA 94-YBB260G Blue Gallon 303.99 EA 94-YBB264G Gray Gallon 303.99 EA 94-YBB262G Red Gallon 303.99 EA Copper Free Ablative Technology A copper free ablative antifouling with dual antifouling properties: Econea (tm) for the control of barnacles and shell fouling, and Biolux® Slime Blocking Technology. It is a fast-drying, low VOC, high solid ablative antifouling which minimizes paint build-up. Suitable for all boats including sail, power and ideal for aluminum pontoon boats. •  Ablative copper free season to season antifouling •  Biolux® Technology and Econea for proven protection •  Fast-drying, low odor, low VOC PACIFICA PLUS •  Combats slime, shells and other fouling threats •  Suitable for use on all boats and substrates