2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 188 Maintenance Item# Color Size Special 93-1843Q Black Quart 53.99 EA 93-1843G Black Gallon 148.99 EA 93-1243Q Blue Quart 53.99 EA 93-1243G Blue Gallon 148.99 EA NEPTUNE HRT Item# Color Size Special 93-1811Qw Black Quart 43.99 EA 93-1811Gw Black Gallon 129.99 EA 93-1211Qw Blue Quart 43.99 EA 93-1211Gw Blue Gallon 129.99 EA 93-1311Gw Green Gallon 129.99 EA 93-1611Gw Red Gallon 129.99 EA UNEPOXY HRT Item# Color Size Special 93-1819Gw Black Gallon 171.99 EA 93-1219Gw Blue Gallon 171.99 EA 93-1319Gw Green Gallon 171.99 EA 93-1619Gw Red Gallon 171.99 EA Item# Color Size Special 93-1800Gw Black Gallon 202.99 EA 93-1200Gw Blue Gallon 202.99 EA 93-1300Gw Grey Gallon 202.99 EA ECO HRT Water-Based Antifouling Paint. No strong solvent smell. Does not require sanding between coats. Low VOC. Simple soap and water clean up! Pettit HRT ANTIFOULING PAINT Hybrid Reactive Technology features high density biocide utilization to maximize effectiveness by using biocide more effectively along with film modifiers to reduce yearly build-up, maintain uniform color consistency, and lower weight while providing a smoother finish than traditional paints. uses the latest technology to create a hybrid paint film for the tough marine environment. •  Economical hybrid protection •  Smooth durable polishing finish •  Apply over most antifouling paints Premium Multi-Season High Copper Antifouling Paint. Equally effective on both power and sailboats, Its ease of use, impressive coverage, and attractive price tag make it an excellent choice. PREMIUM HRT Seasonal Antifouling Paint. Smooth durable finish is able to withstand beaching, trailering, and season long abuse. Copper-Free Antifouling Paint. Pettit ECO HRT copper-free antifouling ECO HRT smooth durable paint surface wears away over time, eliminating paint film build up and the need for sanding. The copper-free formula can be safely applied to all aluminum-hulled boats. It provides excellent antifouling protection and can be hauled and re-launched without any loss of effectiveness. Multi-season antifouling Combines controlled polishing ablative technology with high copper content for a paint film that handles the tough marine environment from coast to coast. Compatible over most finishes, 50 state V.O.C. compliant and will not build up over time. The copolymer resins withstand hauling and relaunching without losing effectiveness for both power and sailboats. Excellent antifouling protection backed up by the industries strongest warranty. HD (Hull Defense 18 Month Limited Warranty). Water-based ablative antifouling •  Offers exceptional multi-season protection •  Easy to apply and environmentally friendly •  Minimal odor, easy soap and water clean-up •  Boat yard and manufacturer's choice •  Withstands trailering, beaching and launching. Creates a slick film for top hull speed Water based multi-season ablative antifouling •  Water-based, copper-free, self-polishing ablative •  Dual-biocides provide outstanding multi-season protection in all conditions •  Uses the power of organic Econea for better protection and a greener earth •  Co-polymer ablative technology eliminates sanding and paint build-up •  Easy application and cleanup with soap & water Excellent, long lasting protection under the toughest antifouling conditions. Dependable in-water antifouling protection while meeting the 330 gram per liter VOC regulations. Does not require movement and works equally as well at the dock or underway. It's durable hard modified epoxy finish.Excellent adhesion, and is highly abrasion resistant. A good choice for power or sailboat use in tropical and other warm waters where extreme fouling exists. Compatible over most hard antifouling finishes. HD (Hull Defense 18 Month Limited Warranty). Item# Color Size Special 93-1807Gw Black Gallon 232.99 EA 93-1207Gw Blue Gallon 232.99 EA 93-1307Gw Green Gallon 232.99 EA 93-1607Gw Red Gallon 232.99 EA ODYSSEY HD Item# Color Size Special 93-1871Gw Black Gallon 234.99 EA 93-1271Gw Blue Gallon 234.99 EA 93-1671Gw Red Gallon 234.99 EA TRINIDAD HD Item# Color Size Special 93-1840Q Black Quart 103.99 EA 93-1840G Black Gallon 246.99 EA 93-1240Q Blue Quart 103.99 EA 93-1240G Blue Gallon 246.99 EA 93-1640Q Red Quart 103.99 EA 93-1640G Red Gallon 246.99 EA HYDROCOAT Item# Color Size Special 93-1804Q Black Quart 126.99 EA 93-1804G Black Gallon 318.99 EA 93-1204G Blue Gallon 318.99 EA 93-1304G Green Gallon 318.99 EA 93-1604G Red Gallon 318.99 EA HYDROCOAT ECO Item# Color Size Special 93-1861Q Black Quart 124.99 EA 93-1861G Black Gallon 332.99 EA 93-1261Q Blue Quart 124.99 EA 93-1261G Blue Gallon 332.99 EA 93-1361G Green Gallon 352.99 EA 93-1661Q Red Quart 124.99 EA 93-1661G Red Gallon 332.99 EA 93-1161Q White Quart 124.99 EA 93-1161G White Gallon 332.99 EA 93-1461G Yellow Gallon 352.99 EA Dual-Biocides Offer Excellent Multi-Season Protection •  Certified by Lloyd's Register •  Clean, bright colors along with a true white and true black •  Thin application & self-polishing surface reduces build up •  Hybrid technology is excellent for racing, trailering, or rack stored boats •  Can be hauled and re-launched without repainting •  Safe for use on properly primed aluminum •  Apply with 3/16" or less short nap roller •  Use 120 brushing thinner or 121 spraying thinner. Sold separately VIVID