2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 192 Maintenance Item# Special SeaHawkPaints Biocop_Half_1* NaN • Triple-Biocide Antifouling Power – Econea, Zinc Omadine, Copper Thiocyanate • Vibrant Colors – 6 Base Colors Can Be Mixed to Create Thousands of Custom Colors • Multi-Season Performance – Fresh, Brackish and Saltwater Conditions • California Air Quality Compliant – 330 Grams per Liter VOC • Compatible With All Hull Types – Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Steel /Iron Tomorrow’s Antifoulings Available Today LIMITED Backed by the Industry’s Best Written Guarantee* www.SeaHawkPaints.com Hand Crafted in SM America! *One year written warranty available through Sea Hawk Paints Certified Applicator. BRIGHT WHITE 4910 YELLOW 4904 GREEN 4903 RED 4901 BLUE 4902 DEEP BLACK 4905 Water Based - Low VOC's Solvent-free. Best protection against all types of fouling; environment-friendly. Easy to apply, semi-hard, ablative finish, compatible with most paints. Apply over most existing bottom paint in good condition. Can be removed from water without affecting antifouling abilities. 45.2% copper-based hard modified epoxy paint. Aggressively combats all types of marine fouling including barnacles, seagrass, green weed, and other fouling organisms in fresh and saltwater. Can be applied over most antifouling coatings. Self-Polishing CoPolymer Premium Performance - 3400 Series High loading of 47.5% cuprous oxide makes this a top performer, even in the most severe fouling areas. Ablative, self-polishing coating, there is no buildup of bottom paint over time. The hull’s underwater surface remains smooth. No TBT (organotin compounds). Effective below the waterline on fiberglass, steel and wood vessels. Cukote copolymer can also withstand removal from water without affecting its antifouling properties. Lloyd's Register certified. Item# Color Size Special 95-6145GL Black Gallon 205.99 EA 95-6142GL Blue Gallon 205.99 EA 95-6141GL Red Gallon 205.99 EA Item# Color Size Special 95-3445GL Black Gallon 269.99 EA 95-3442GL Blue Gallon 269.99 EA 95-3430GL Dark Blue Gallon 269.99 EA 95-3433GL Green Gallon 269.99 EA 95-3441GL Red Gallon 269.99 EA 95-3434GL Teal Gallon 269.99 EA 95-3410GL White Gallon 269.99 EA CUKOTE™ Item# Color Size Special 95-5445GL Black Gallon 172.99 EA 95-5442GL Blue Gallon 172.99 EA 95-5430GL Dark Blue Gallon 172.99 EA 95-5443GL Green Gallon 172.99 EA 95-5441GL Red Gallon 172.99 EA MONTEREY™ SHARKSKIN™ ANTIFOULING