2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 197 Engine Item# Length Special 781-755000 19" to 30 1/4" 65.99 EA Salt Removers Item# Description Size Special 50-90721 Salt Off 32 oz. 15.99 EA 50-90731w Salt Off Kit w/ applicator 32 oz. 32.99 EA The concentrated formula quickly and effectively removes salt deposits from metal, fiberglass, plastic or painted surfaces. It contains special PTEF® polymers that bond to the treated surface to help prevent the formation of future deposits. SALT REMOVER WITH PTEF® 90731 90721 Item# Size Special 77-SX32w 32 oz. Concentrate 22.99 EA 77-SX32Mw 32 oz. Concentrate with Mixer 42.99 EA 77-SX128w Gallon Concentrate 49.99 EA Opt. Accy. Description Special 77-SXMXRw Mixer for Qt or Gal Bottle 25.99 EA Engine Flush, Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor Dissolves salt and leaves a protective sheen, guarding against future salt corrosion. SALT TERMINATOR® SX128 SX32M with Mixer Item# Special 50-18301w 6.99 EA Item# Special 50-18321w 9.99 EA Item# Special 50-18311w 19.99 EA Item# Description Special 50-18401wOMC O/B Flush Kit 28.99 EA 50-18411wMercury/Mariner/Yamaha/Suzuki Flush Kit 28.99 EA Item# Length Special 50-18331w 18.5" - 31" 21.99 EA Depending on the application, Salt Off can be sprayed directly onto the surface to be treated and then rinsed with fresh water, or simply left in place. Safe for use on all boats, vehicles, trailers, marine parts, engines, fishing and dive gear and more. It will not etch, stain or otherwise damage metal or plastic surfaces. The Salt Terminator mixer automatically dilutes the concentrate and siphons it through a standard garden hose. Connect the hose to your engine's flushing unit and add extra years of service to outboards, I/O's, jet boats and PWC's. No scrubbing required. Concentrate treatment ratio: 32:1. Flush away sand, silt and salt. Prevents clogging and corrosion. Use on most outboards and inboard/outboards with side water inlets. UNIVERSAL PROFLO MOTOR FLUSHER RECTANGULAR MOTOR FLUSHER Heavy-duty high impact plastic flusher. Recommended for larger engines. Quickly flushes away salt, silt, alkali and sand. Extends engine life by preventing clogging and corrosion. 4 stainless steel hose clamps included. MOTOR FLUSHER Fits all outboards flushing port. EASY installation! OUTBOARD FLUSH KIT Snaps on, quickly flushes salt water from outboard. O-ring sealed. Slide valve stays on engine permanently. Kit contains: slide valve and quick connect. Use with most outboards & inboard/outboards. •  Telescoping aluminum pole with large rubber cup. Adjust from 18.5" - 31" ADJUSTABLE INBOARD ENGINE FLUSHER Easy to use, great for winterizing, maintenance or any time you need to run your inboard engine on the trailer. Just connect the hose, fit the cup over the water intake and extend the leg to seal the cup to the hull. Aluminum and heavy duty rubber. Connects to a standard garden hose. "FLUSH BUDDY" INBOARD ENGINE ADJUSTABLE FLUSHER By MarineTech TM Oils & Lubricants Item# Size Special 305-16PBDSu Net Wt. 11oz 14.99 EA The #1-selling penetrant since 1957. •  Breaks Free Rusted or Frozen Parts •  Protects Against Further Rust and Corrosion •  Use on Auto, Industrial, Marine, Plumbing & Other Equipment THE ORIGINAL PB B'LASTER PENETRANT Item# Size Special 710-92-858074Q01 8 oz. 6.99 EA 710-92-858075Q01 32 oz. 14.99 EA Universal hydraulic fluid designed to mix with all hydraulic fluids, protect seals and hoses and prevents foaming, oxidation & corrosion. POWER TRIM & STEERING FLUID Item# Size Special 47-97512 Quart 11.99 EA •  Anti-foam additives assure uniform flow with reduced air contamination in hydraulic systems •  Designed for heavy duty use at high operating pressures •  Lubrication & corrosion protection for internal hydraulic components POWER TRIM & STEERING FLUID Item# Size Special 47-97500 10 oz. 7.99 EA POWER TRIM AND TILT FLUID Motor Flushers Item# Size Special 74-28510w 10 oz. 9.49 EA 74-28532w Quart 13.99 EA Exceeds OEM warranty requirements. Formulated to provide consistent, no-fade performance. Anti-foam, antiwear, anti-oxidation and advanced stabilizing additives for optimum performance in hydraulic trim tabs, power tilt and power steering systems. Protects seals, hoses and other components from drying, cracking or corroding. POWER TRIM & TILT FLUID