2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 198 Engine Item# Size Special Premium 710-92-802844Q02u 8 oz. 7.99 EA 710-92-858058Q01u Quart 17.99 EA High Performance 710-92-802851Q02 8 oz. 9.99 EA 710-92-858064Q01 Quart 17.99 EA •  Provides extended gear life in extreme conditions, high-speed & high horsepower applications •  Tested to provide excellent protection against corrosion & excessive wear •  Specifically formulated to help prevent failures due to water entering the gear housing •  Extreme-pressure synthetic additives protect gears from metal to metal contact •  Do not mix different gear lubes GEAR LUBE High Perfomance Premium Item# Size Special 47-96000 10 Oz. Tube 7.99 EA 47-96002 Quart 11.99 EA Recommended for all general marine applications requiring a GL-5 class lubricant. Ideal for replacing all old hypoid 90 application needs. Formulated for use in freshwater or saltwater conditions. Reduces friction and protects gears, bearings and other gearcase components. PREMIUM LOWER UNIT GEAR LUBE Item# Size Special 47-96500 10 oz. Tube 9.49 EA 47-96502 Quart 15.99 EA Reduces operating friction for increased performance and protection of gears, bearings, and other gear case components. Recommended for use in high performance and highload operating conditions in both outboard and I/O lower units. Sierra hi-performance gear lube has been designed to surpass the performance of the O.E. hiperformance gear lubricants. HI-PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC BLEND LOWER UNIT GEAR LUBE Item# Size Special 47-96802 Quart 18.99 EA Optimizes gear life by reducing friction and providing superior wear protection in severe operating conditions. The unique synthetic formulation is shear stable and resists oxidation to ensure high performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. • API GL-5/MIL-L-210E SYNTHETIC LOWER UNIT GEAR LUBE Item# Size Special 710-91-802891Q05 32 oz. 27.06 EA Gear lube pump and a quart of Hi Performance gear lube packaged together. The pumpfits all quart and liter bottles. Recommended for use in outboards and sterndrives that require 90W gear lube. For use with all MerCruiser sterndrives and Mercury/Mariner O/B's (except models of Japanese origin) with a 3/8"-16 drain/fill screw. HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBE & GEAR LUBE PUMP KIT Item# Special 710-91-8M0072133 12.99 EA •  Outboard or stern drive gear lube pump •  Fits all quart and liter bottles •  Fits any outboard or stern drive with 3/8"-16 drain plug Use included adapter for gear cases with M8x1.25 drain plug GEAR LUBE PUMP Item# Special 50-19191w 9.49 EA •  For use with 32 oz. gear lube bottles •  Fits any outboard or sterndrive •  Yamaha / metric adapter included GEAR LUBE PUMP Engine Maintenance Products Cleans gum, varnish and carbon from the fuel system, injectors, pistons, and combustion chamber. Removes moisture from gas, diesel and ethanol fuel and oil systems. SYN-GO® technology leaves behind a synthetic lubricant for added protection. MOTOR TREATMENT Recommended to assist in restoring lost power due to carbon, gum and varnish deposits that accumulate in the combustion chambers of gasoline engines. Use in all 2- and 4-cycle carbureted and fuel-injected gasoline engines. Safe for catalyzed engines. POWER TUNE INTERNAL ENGINE CLEANER Designed to maximize carburetor performance. Quickly dissolves carburetor deposits such as gum, sludge & varnish to improve fuel system performance & enhance fuel economy. MARINE CARB & CHOKE CLEANER •  Quickly cleans and dissolves gum, varnish, dirt, lead and carbon deposits with no oily residue •  Aids faster starting and smooth idling •  For all carbureted internal combustion engines, safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors. Eliminates rough idle, stalling and acceleration issues STA-BIL® CARB & CHOKE CLEANER Protects outboard motors, marine engines and other internal combustion engines. Keeps pistons, rings and cylinder wall corrosion free. Insures longer engine life. Preserves fishing reels, tools and metal surfaces subject to rust and corrosion. Protects electrical connections in use and storage. Excellent anti-seize lubricant. MARINE ENGINE STOR® FOGGING OIL •  Coats internal engine components to prevent corrosion. Displaces moisture from metal to protect engine •  Lubricates cylinders to prevent cylinder damage at start up. For all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines, including outboard, marine, small internal combustion engines STA-BIL® FOGGING OIL Item# Size Special 77-05316w 16 oz. 12.99 EA Item# Size Special 710-92-858080Q03 12 oz. 12.99 EA Item# Size Special 77-06064w 12 oz. 9.99 EA Item# Size Special 269-22005v 12 oz 5.99 EA Item# Size Special 77-06068 13 oz. spray 12.99 EA Item# Size Special 269-22001 12 oz. 8.49 EA