2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 199 Engine w - WARNING Cancer and Rep oductive Harm Item# Size Special 77-05002u 11.5 oz. 13.99 EA Item# Size Special 77-06019 19 oz. aerosol 16.99 EA Item# Size Special 77-05025CAw 15 oz. 12.99 EA Item# Size Special 77-06020 20 oz. Aerosol 17.99 EA Item# Size Special 323-MK5232w Quart 20.99 EA Item# Size Special 113-30232 32 oz. 12.49 EA Item# Size Special 77-06026w 10 oz. 14.99 EA Item# Size Special 710-92-802878Q55u 12 oz. aerosol 9.99 EA Item# Size Special 77-06002 11 oz. 11.99 EA Item# Size Special 77-06006 9 oz. Spray 8.99 EA 77-06008 Gallon 51.99 EA Item# Size Special 198-CB12 12 oz. spray 27.99 EA Item# Size Special 295-T90004 4 oz. Aerosol 10.99 EA 295-T90012 12 oz. Aerosol 19.99 EA Item# Description Size Special 74-83900w Concentrate Gallon 48.99 EA 74-84000w Ready to Use Gallon 19.99 EA MARINE DESCALING FLUID 84000 83900 Removes scale, calcium deposits, corrosion, salt and carbon buildup in your boat systems: engine cooling systems, reverse cycle A/C and refrigeration systems, sea strainers and other raw water cooled equipment. •  Removes scale and deposits from all marine engines •  Will not damage engine seals, gaskets or rubber impellers Item# Size Special 77-05671w 11 oz. 8.99 EA For faster starts in cold or humid weather. Effective to -65°F. Prolongs starter life. Contains an upper cylinder lubricant to minimize wear during cold starts. For gasoline and diesel engines. JUMP START® STARTING FLUID WITH LUBRICITY A unique formula that immediately drops the temperature of the area in direct contact with the spray. The freezing effect cracks rusted surfaces, allowing Freeze-Off® to reach deeper & work more effectively than other penetrants. Low VOC Formula. FREEZE-OFF® SUPER PENETRANT Dissolves and flushes away dirt, oil and grease. Cleans and degreases marine engines and non-sensitive electrical parts and equipment. Breaks through tough grease on motors, gears, and other metal parts. Leaves no residue. Non-flammable. CLEANER & DEGREASER Quickly lifts grease & grime off engines for cooler more efficient running. Easy to use – just spray on & rinse off. Leaves no residue. ENGINE DEGREASER LOW VOC Non-Chlorinated. An excellent degreaser for metal parts and non-sensitive marine electrical equipment. It removes grease, dirt and oil; leaves no residue. Restricted from Sale In CA MARINE DEGREASER NON-CHLORINATED Zero VOC, odor-free alternative formula for market leader Marine 6-56® MultiPurpose Lubricant. Forms a clear, thin film that lubricates, protects, & displaces moisture all-in-one. MARINE 6-56® MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT ZERO VOC Drives out moisture that can cause electrical failures and hard starting. Penetrates deep through rust and corrosion to loosen frozen parts. Starts wet engines. MARINE 6-56® MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT Engine Maintenance Products Heavy duty engine degreaser. Formulated for outboards, inboards, stern drives, machinery and more. Spray on/rinse off. Contains no petroleum solvents. GREASE AWAY ENGINE DEGREASER Powers off grease, oil and grime quickly and completely from inboards, outboards, I/O's and more. Simply spray on the surface, let it penetrate, then rinse. Contains no harmful petroleum solvents, phosphates or acids. MARINE GREZ-OFF® Forms a corrosion-proof insulating film. Stays flexible. Will not crack or craze. Seals out salt air and moisture. Provides long-term protection under all weather conditions. HEAVY DUTY CORROSION INHIBITOR A rust inhibitor that forms a water-resistant barrier on non-painted and painted surfaces. Use to prevent rust from forming on out drives, lower units and power trim motors and components or other metal surfaces. Can also be used to prevent further paint damage in areas where undercutting and blistering have occurred. Do not spray on surfaces coated with antifouling or biocide paint. Do not spray on drive belts. CORROSION PROTECTION A proven anti-corrosive agent, frees frozen metal parts, protects electrical systems and electronics from saltwater corrosion. Provides a thin protective film that is not sticky so it will not attract dirt and moisture. CORROSION BLOCK Penetrates deeply into fasteners and fixtures, displaces moisture and attacks existing corrosion. Lubricates and protects all metals for months. Will also loosen rusted parts and will not harm paints, plastics, or vinyls. Developed by The Boeing Co. BOESHIELD T-9® LUBRICANT/PROTECTANT