2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 217 Fuel Water Separating Fuel Filters Item# Description GPH Micron Ports Size Special 62-2329910u w/ bracket 26 10 3/8" 3.8" x 7.8" H 58.99 EA 62-R2329810u w/o bracket 26 10 3/8" 3.8" x 7.8" H 34.99 EA SNAPP™ FUEL FILTER/WATER SEPARATOR For E10 gasoline, diesel and bio-diesel. For small engines up to 26 gph. Easily install the permanent, pivoting bracket anywhere inside or outside the engine compartment, snap in filter and quick connect and your done. When it is time for service simply snap in a new filter, no tools are needed. At less than 4" x 8" the Snapp allows for tight mounting locations and only 2.5" clearance is needed for service. •  Legendary Aquabloc® filter media •  Clear bowl for instant inspection •  Self venting, quick turn drain for easy service •  Supplied quick disconnect fittings •  Durable glass filled body will not rust •  Permanent, Stainless steel mounting bracket w/o bracket w/ bracket Spin-On series filters these filters are designed for high performance applications, with flow rates between 30 and 120 GPH your engine will perform better than ever. Coated with a durable electrostatically applied powder coating for corrosion resistance. Features a high capacity Aquabloc® II 10 micron filter element. Spin-On design is simple to replace and the re-usable clear plastic or metal contaminant collection bowls feature a self-venting drain, or metal plug, for removing unwanted muck and water. Max pressure 7 psi. Clear Bowls: Use for outboard and above deck installations. Metal Bowls: USCG regulations require use of flame resistant metal bowl below deck. 320RRAC02 320RRAC01 120RRAC01 B32013 Inboard or outboard engine protection for a smoother operation and longer engine life, these filters easily spin onto the existing filter heads. Features a high capacity 10 micron Aquabloc® II element. Clear Bowls: Use for outboard and above deck installations. S3228TUL S3227 S3240 S3220SUL S3214 S3213 •  Aquabloc® filter replacement elements are offered as retrofits to Racor clear or metal bowl filter assemblies •  Long-life with 98% filtration efficiency and 100% water removal •  Corrosion-resistant construction. •  Meets ABYC standard for gas-powered vessels Item# GPH Micron Ports Bowl Application Size Special 62-120RRAC01u 30 10 1/4"-18 NPTF Clear Outboard 3.2" D x 3.2" W x 6.5" H 104.99 EA 62-320RRAC01u 60 10 1/4"-18 NPTF Clear Outboard 4" D x 4" W x 9.3" H 114.99 EA 62-320RRAC02u 60 10 1/4"-18 NPTF Metal Inboard/Outboard 4" D x 4" W x 9.3" H 135.99 EA GASOLINE SPIN-ON SERIES FUEL/WATER SEPARATOR OEM GASOLINE SERIES FILTERS Item# GPH Bowl Application Size Special 62-B32013u 60 Clear Mercury O/B 3.8" dia. x 7.2" H 67.99 62-B32014u 60 Clear OMC O/B 3.8" dia. x 7.2" H 67.99 REPLACEMENT GASOLINE ELEMENTS Item# Micron For Application Special 62-S3213u 10 B32013 Mercury OB 31.99 62-S3214u 10 B32014 OMC OB 31.99 62-S3220SULu 2 B32020MAM Mercruiser I/O 34.99 62-S3220TULu 10 B32020MAM Mercruiser I/O 34.99 62-S3240u 10 120R-RAC-01 O/B 27.99 62-S3227u 10 320R-RAC-01, 490R-RAC-01 I/O 33.99 62-S3228TULu 10 320R-RAC-02 I/O 33.99 62-S3232u 10 660R-RAC-01 O/B 39.99 Item# Micron Application Size Special 62-PFF5510u 10 Mercury, Mercruiser, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Tohatsu 3.6" dia. x 4.2"H 11.49 PARFIT™ GASOLINE FILTER The PFF5510 gasoline fuel filter/water separator replaces standard fuel filters. It fits these popular engine applications with it's 11/16"-16 center threads and features 10 micron Aquabloc® II media to outperform other gasoline fuel filters in inboard or outboard, two or four cycle applications. Performance exceeds all OEM requirements. Suitable for all low or high pressure injection systems. A high performance filter element that is treated inside and out with a highly corrosion resistant coating. Item# Description For Special 62-RK30475u Clear Bowl Kit w/O-ring 320RRAC01, 660RRAC01, S3232 58.99 EA REPLACEMENT BOWL KIT Clear Bowls: reusable bowl with a self-venting drain. Use for outboard and above deck installations. Item# Replaces Pack Special 62-31871u Mercury 35-884380T or 35-8M0020349 2 52.99 PK TWIN PACK REPLACEMENT FILTER •  Legendary Aquabloc®II, 2 micron filter media, removes up to 100% of free water and protects sensitive fuel system components from particulates •  Meets or exceeds OEM requirements •  Compatible with ethanol gasoline blends Item# Micron Pack Special 50-20981w 2 2 28.99 PK TWIN PACK OUTBOARD REPLACEMENT FILTER Optimax/Verado outboard cartridge filter. Replaces Mercury 35-8MM0060041, 35-8M0122423, 8M0020349, 884380T, Sierra 7981, Racor 31871 and Marpac FF020100 filters