2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 228 Steering Item# Special CMPPantherXPS_Half_1* NaN Item# Description Special 781-107300w XPS GEN 2 Power Steering System 1354.99 EA Engineered to make steering your boat as effortless as the vehicle you drive. No matter the vessel you operate, XPS offers affordability, confidence, fit and all-around ease of operation. •  Existing Cable steering acts as safety backup in case of system failure •  Exceeds ABYC mechanical and hydraulic steering standards •  Automobile like effort •  Eliminates prop torque •  Easy to maneuver in tight quarters especially around docks and landings •  Designed to fit any boat or pontoon that can use cable steering •  The cylinder can be fully extended without interference •  Outboard engines 90-250Hp •  Self-bleeding hoses •  Utilize existing mechanical steering •  Stored energy allows for short pump run-times •  Less power draw substantially reduces risk of dead batteries Kit Includes: Pump/Accumulator & Actuator (Hoses & Fluid Sold Separately) By MarineTech TM XPS GEN2 POWER STEERING SYSTEM CLEARANCE NEEDEDTO INSTALLTHE PANTHER XPS 15-1/4” From To edge of extended cylinder Clearance from top of transom, down 3” to allow for when motor tilts upward maintaining the 15-1/4” from SideView Top View Pump/Accumulator Item# Description Length Special 781-106108 Hose Kit 8' 149.99 EA 781-106110 Hose Kit 10' 160.99 EA 781-106112 Hose Kit 12' 171.99 EA 781-106116 Hose Kit 16' 192.99 EA The hose kit contains two hoses - high pressure and low pressure - with fittings. The low-pressure hose is 12" longer to allow for uninterrupted travel when connected to the cylinder actuator. (One hose kit is needed per system.) XPS POWER STEERING HOSE KIT www.PantherXPS.com Power Steering System The Panther XPS Power Steering System by MarineTech is a hybrid system that combines the durability and dependability of cable steering with the ease of automobile-like power steering. The Panther XPS System gradually reverts to cable steering in case of hose failure, steering fluid leak or power loss to pump, so you’re NEVER without steering. The Panther XPS System is designed to be installed on 75 to 200 HP outboard motors that are equipped with a feedback helm with a single steering-cable system. Power Steering