2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 24 Electronics Item# Special 236-GS8001 599.99 EA Created specifically to prevent climbing on the boat gunnel to raise and lower a VHF antenna. Lift and descend the antenna from the safety of the deck from under the top. Its smooth operation, attractive machined aluminum frame and cast stainless-steel rotator make this item a must for any boater. •  No climbing on T-tops or gunnels •  Standard 1"-14 thread (male) •  Machined / Anodized aluminum body •  Light brushed finish •  Polished Type-316L stainless folding crank handle •  Delrin bearings for smooth operation •  Roller bearings in crank assembly •  Mounts on hardtops up to 2" thick •  Includes 4" x 1/4" round backing plate (hardware not included) •  Made in the USA •  1-year limited warranty GRAND SLAM VHF ANTENNA MOUNT TV Antennas Item# Size Special 50-19630 14" D x 5 3/4" H 214.99 EA Opt. Accy. Size Special 50-19581w 4" Mounting Base 34.99 EA This compact antenna is the perfect solution for any type of boat. Includes automatic gain amplifier, 66' coax cable (RG-59), gold plated "F" connectors and 5' coax TV set cord. Made of UV resistant material. Mount not included. Power Supply: 12-24V. Weight: 2 lbs. MARINE OMNIDIRECTIONAL TV ANTENNA - ANALOG AND DIGITAL Cable Outlets & Fittings Item# Description Color Hole Special 50-17901w 1/4" Slot, 1 1/4" Flange Black 3/4" 11.99 EA 50-17921w 1/4" Slot, 1 1/4" Flange White 3/4" 11.99 EA Watertight thru hull fitting. Self attaching. No additional hardware required. Accepts single or double cable. 2" maximum hull. CABLE THRU HULL FITTING 17921 17901 Item# Size Base Special 50-10011w Outlet: 1/4" 1 1/4" dia. 5.99 EA 50-10021w Outlet: 5/16" 1 1/4" dia. 5.99 EA 50-10031w Outlet: 3/8" 1 1/2" dia. 5.99 EA Watertight chrome plated brass. Threaded cap and rubber gasket. For complete waterproofing of cable. Use #6 screws. CABLE OUTLET Item# Size Special 50-19781w 5' Cable w/ Fittings 20.49 EA 50-19761w 10' Cable w/ Fittings 21.99 EA 50-19771w 20' Cable w/ Fittings 31.99 EA RG58U white coaxial cable with PL259 fittings on both ends. Lengths to fit most applications. COAXIAL ANTENNA CABLE ASSEMBLY Item# Description Length Special 50-19791 White Cable 10' 22.99 EA 50-19801 White Cable 20' 27.99 EA Coaxial cable extension for VHF antennas fitted with ProConnect FME Connectors. Marine grade and highly durable L-195 cable type. ProConnect features factory installed FME connector with PL-259 adapter. Eliminates large holes and crimping of connectors. 50 Ohms. COAX CABLE WITH FME Item# Model # Description Special 50-19811 PL259 & UG175 Connector w/ Adapter 8.99 EA 50-19851 PL258 Double Connector 5.99 EA Chrome Plated Brass VHF ANTENNA CONNECTORS 19851 19811 Item# Description Fits Special Gold Plated 50-19861 PL-259 (UHF) RG-8 10.99 EA 50-19871 UG-175 Reducer RG-58/L-195 5.99 EA 50-19881 PL-259 w/ UG-175 RG-58 12.99 EA 50-19891 PL-258 (UHF) RG-58 10.99 EA Silver Plated 50-19951 PL-259 (UHF) RG-8 8.99 EA 50-19961 UG-175 Reducer RG-58/L-195 4.99 EA 50-19971 PL-259 w/ UG-175 RG-58 10.99 EA 50-19981 PL-258 (UHF) RG-58 8.99 EA Gold Plated: Best for anti-corrosion and contact. Silver Plated: Fights corrosion and increases contact quality. ANTENNA CONNECTORS 19981 19971 19961 19951 19891 19881 19871 19861 Item# Description Special 167-PL258CPGu PL-258 Double Female 21.99 EA 167-PL259CPGu PL-259 UHF Male Plug 19.99 EA The easy way to splice coax. For splicing RG-58 A/U and RG-8/X. GOLD-PLATED CENTERPIN SOLDERLESS VHF RADIO CONNECTORS PL259CPG PL258CPG VHF CONNECTOR WITH ADAPTER 19811: PL259 (19821) with UG175 (19831) cable adapter; Use with RG58U cable. DOUBLE FEMALE CONNECTOR - PL258 19851: Attaches to PL259 (19821) cable plug.