2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 36 Trolling Motors Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds Special 702-941300010 X3-55SW 12 55 lbs. 50" Variable 719.99 EA X3 offers a winning combination of value and performance. A dual cable pull-pull steering system eliminates slack, while the innovative patent-pending Variable Ratio Technology reduces torque steer feedback and improves responsiveness. X3 mounting bracket is built tough with aircraft-grade extruded aluminum to minimize flex and provide precision control under high-thrust. •  Aluminum and steel lower unit construction •  Stainless steel propeller shaft and 3-blade Machete III prop •  Ergonomic extending handle for fingertip control •  Powerful and cooler-running 3.5" lower unit •  Fiberglass shaft •  Two-year Limited Warranty X3 SALTWATER BOW MOUNT HAND CONTROL Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds List 702-941600020d Xi3-55SW 12 55 54" Variable 1099.99 EA 702-941600030d Xi3-70SW 24 70 48" Variable 1199.99 EA 702-941600040d Xi3-70SW 24 70 60" Variable 1219.99 EA 702-941600060 Xi3-55SW GPS 12 55 54" Variable 1599.99 EA 702-941600070d Xi3-70SW GPS 24 70 54" Variable 1689.99 EA 702-941600080d Xi3-70SW GPS 24 70 60" Variable 1699.99 EA Fish from anywhere on the boat with the included hand-held wireless control. Best-in-class quiet operation that’s up to 40% quieter than the leading competitor. With SecureStep, stowing and deploying Xi3 is safe and easy. Large release lever triggers both stow and deploy functions from a standing position. Visual and audible cues indicate when the motor is locked in the stowed position. LED status indicators help you monitor four key motor functions at a glance, including battery life. An optional wireless foot pedal is available. Pinpoint® GPS Models: Navigates your boat so you can focus on fishing. Features include Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock, Route Record, and Cruise Control. For the ultimate in boat control, connect Xi3 with Pinpoint® GPS to compatible Lowrance® units. •  Available with the most accurate GPS •  Out-of-the-box wireless remote •  Lowrance®, Simrad, Mercury VesselView connectivity compatible •  Stealthy quiet operation •  Easy to use stow and deploy •  Two-year limited warranty Xi3 SALTWATER ELECTRIC STEER WIRELESS MOTOR Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds List Includes Handheld Remote & Pinpoint GPS 702-941700080 Xi5-55SW GPS 12 55 54" Variable 1649.99 EA 702-941700090d Xi5-80SW GPS 24 80 60" Variable 1999.99 EA 702-941700100d Xi5-105SW GPS 36 105 60" Variable 2249.99 EA 702-941700170d Xi5-105SW GPS 36 105 72" Variable 2399.99 EA Engineered to be reliable every day and durable over the long haul. Unlike the competition, Xi5 includes wireless capability "right out of the box", so anglers can command precise motor and steering control from anywhere on the boat. LED lights in the controller allow you to quickly check the status of four key functions in any light conditions, including Power On/Ready, Prop On, Pinpoint GPS Active, & Battery Status. The battery power indicator uses different colored lights to show three levels of battery life in real time. A hand-held remote is standard with saltwater models. Pinpoint® GPS Models: Preinstalled Pinpoint GPS uses an ultra-precise GPS receiver and precision control algorithms for incredibly accurate performance. Controlled from a compact, easy-to-use remote. Features include Anchor Hold, Heading Lock to maintain a compass heading, Routes allows you to save/recall 8 routes of up to 4 miles each, and Cruise Control to maintain GPS speed regardless of wind and current conditions. •  Ultra-quiet operation with precision gears, low-friction bearings and tight-fitting components •  Precision steering with fast rotation speed and improved ability to provide fine adjustments •  Fully encapsulated, digital electronics improves reliability, increases run time •  An improved low-profile mount with stow and deploy mechanism •  The composite shaft is backed by a lifetime warranty •  Two-year limited warranty Xi5 SALTWATER ELECTRIC STEER WIRELESS MOTOR Pinpoint GPS control Handheld Remote Item# Type Description Color Material Special 702-8M0092064 Freshwater QR Bracket Black Aluminum 124.99 EA 702-8M0120717w Freshwater QR Bracket Black Composite 59.99 EA 702-8M0092063w Saltwater QR Bracket White Composite 59.99 EA Allows quick and easy removal and installation of Xi3 and Xi5 trolling motors. Thread locking clamp style eliminates noise and movement. The low profile and small footprint design saves space. Security clasp for a padlock protects your motor from theft. Cast aluminum/stainless steel hardware included. Xi SERIES QUICK RELEASE BRACKET Saltwater, White Composite Freshwater, Black Composite Freshwater Mt.