2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 42 Trolling Motors Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds List With I-Pilot 27-1363740dw RT80ST/IP 24 80 lbs. 54" Variable 1949.99 EA 27-1363741dw RT80ST/IP 24 80 lbs. 60" Variable 2049.99 EA 27-1363732dw RT112ST/IP 36 112 lbs. 60" Variable 2349.99 EA With i-Pilot Link 27-1363737dw RT112ST/IPLINK 36 112 lbs. 87" Variable 3199.99 EA •  2 YEAR WARRANTY •  Fall away ramps for easy deployment and retrieval •  Stow/deploy lever releases ramps and locks motor in position •  Balanced lower unit eliminates shaft twisting during stowing and deploying •  Stowed position master power switch •  Includes "Digital Maximizer" for reduced battery drain and longer run time •  Sacrificial anode included •  Wireless remote control •  Not equipped with a foot control, wireless foot control available as an optional accessory (part #1866055) •  Available with and without the Autopilot feature (AP) •  i-Pilot models feature 6 Spot Lock saves 6 Record A Track saves •  i-Pilot Link models allows you to control your motor with your remote and Humminbird fishfinder, giving you an arsenal of GPS-powered navigation capabilities RIPTIDE ST TERROVA SALTWATER BOW MOUNT ELECTRIC STEER WITH WIRELESS REMOTE i-Pilot LINK i-Pilot BT Remote Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds List w/i-Pilot 27-1358955dw Ulterra 80/IP-54-BT w/I-Pilot 24 80 lbs. 54" Variable 2499.99 EA 27-1358956dw Ulterra 80/IP-60-BT w/I-Pilot 24 80 lbs. 60" Variable 2549.99 EA 27-1358954dw Ulterra 80/IP-72-BT w/I-Pilot 24 80 lbs. 72" Variable 2699.99 EA 27-1358965w Ulterra 112/IP-60-BT w/I-Pilot 36 112 lbs. 60" Variable 2899.99 EA 27-1358966dw Ulterra 112/IP-72-BT w/I-Pilot 36 112 lbs. 72" Variable 3049.99 EA •  Auto Stow/Deploy lets you get your motor in and out of the water automatically using the included i-Pilot remote •  Once your motor's in the water, Power Trim lets you easily adjust the motor depth for changing conditions, using the included i-Pilot remote •  Integrated GPS Technology: All Ulterra models come with i-Pilot that lets you control features like Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim •  Ulterra comes standard with i-Pilot – redesigned to enable Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim. •  Digital Maximizer provides up to 5X longer run time on a single charge •  Bluetooth compatible •  i-Pilot Pre-Installed RIPTIDE ULTERRA SALTWATER BOW MOUNT TROLLING MOTOR i-Pilot BT Remote