2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 48 Trolling Motors Item# Special THMarine_GForce_HalfVert_1* NaN Item# Description Color Special 232-GFH1GDPw Cable & handle Black 55.99 EA 232-GFH1RDPw Cable & handle Red 58.99 EA This trolling motor replacement release & lift system is a rugged, nylon jacketed stainless steel cable with a large comfortable cushioned grip handle which solves the problem of the cheap lift & release ropes on today's trolling motors. Fits most models and makes of trolling motors. GFH1GDP & GFH1RDP come complete with a hookn-loop strap to secure to the motor shaft while underway. G-FORCE™ TROLLING MOTOR CABLE & HANDLE GFH1RDP GFH1GDP Easily secure your bow-mount trolling motor to prevent damage. Mounted anywhere in the boat to quickly securing the motor. A 360° full hemisphere of possible positions. Features a universal ball locking device with a "select position" locking knob. Made out of hard coat anodized aluminum and stainless steel for fresh and saltwater fishing. Easily remove your mount for security, transport, or storage. By MarineTech TM TROLLING MOTOR MOUNT Item# Height Color Special 781-950210 10" Aluminum/Black 116.99 EA Item# Description Special 170-RAM108u 5 1/2" arm 59.99 EA 170-RAM108Du 9" arm 82.99 EA RAM® TROLLING MOTOR STABILIZER in use A single strap base attaches to your trolling motor shaft and connects to a standard double socket arm and a 2.5" diameter round base. Effectively eliminates vibration from your trolling motor, the stabilizer fits trolling motor shafts from 0.5" - 2" dia. Protects the shaft, mount, and head of your motor from damage. Ideal for anglers with bowmounted trolling motors. Item# Description Volts Special 50-13751 Straight Male, Motor Side 12 12.99 EA 50-13761 Straight Female, Motor Side 12 13.99 EA 50-13771 Receptacle Female, Boat Side 12 14.99 EA 6" Leads with yellow butt connectors attached to 10 gauge wire. Face plate 1 3/4" x 2 1/2". 13761 will not work with 13751. TROLLING MOTOR PLUG 13771 13761 13751 PERFORMANCE UPGRADES FOR TROLLING MOTORS Trolling motor replacement lift & release cord HANDLE Performance prop nut ELIMINATOR Heavy duty cable cover TROLL JACKET® Item# List 232-GFTJ1DPw 45.99 EA G-FORCE™ TROLL JACKET This 2mm x 60" neoprene organizer with a velcro closure protects and manages your trolling motor cables. While wrapped, it is about 1.5” dia. Can be cut and trimmed where your cables need to come out. It also helps bundle and organize adjacent wires, like depth finders.