2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 55 Fishing Item# Description Special 627-1901130w Uni-Troll™ 10 ST w/ 24"-53" Adj. Boom & Swivel Mt. 299.99 EA UNI-TROLL™ MANUAL DOWNRIGGER Item# Description Special 627-1902305wMag 10 STX w/24"-53" telescoping black coated SS boom & swivel mt. 599.99 EA MAG SERIES ELECTRIC DOWNRIGGER Item# Type Special 627-1902335w Standard Series 1499.99 EA 627-1902340w Tournament Series (TS) 1699.99 EA OPTIMUM™ ELECTRIC DOWNRIGGER Item# Weight Special 627-2295182w 8 lbs. 49.99 EA TROLLING WEIGHTS Item# Description Special 736-1050DPRw Depth Master Downrigger 195.99 EA COMPACT MANUAL DOWNRIGGERS Item# Description Special 736-1085w Strongarm 30" Downrigger 309.99 EA Opt. Accy. Description Special 736-1026w Swivel Mount 92.99 EA STRONGARM MANUAL DOWNRIGGERS Item# Description Special 736-1106w 36"-60" Telescoping boom w/swivel mt. 649.99 EA Opt. Accy. Description Special 736-1026w Swivel Mount 92.99 EA DEPTHPOWER ELECTRIC DOWNRIGGER •  Fast, effortless 2:1 retrieval speed •  One-hand clutch deploy with controlled weight descent for simple, precise bait positioning •  Universal mounting base fits the same bases as electric models •  Fully adjustable dual axis rod holder - front to back & side to side •  Ergonomic crank handle •  Integrated ball storage hook •  Enclosed boom end pulley prevents line jumping •  20 lb. weight capacity •  Three-digit depth counter •  200', 150lb test stainless steel cable with line release •  Limited lifetime warranty Magnum features a phenomenal combination of power and performance with rugged construction, fast retrieval, and features like Short Stop and Positive Ion Control. •  Fast 250'/minute retrieval rate •  One piece composite construction •  Easy spool access for changing cable •  Short Stop •  Positive Ion Control •  20 lb. Weight capacity •  250 feet-per-minute retrieval speed •  5 Adjustable speeds •  Heavy-duty 24"-53" telescopic boom •  Includes low-profile 360˚ swivel base •  Limited lifetime warranty Standard: Composite spool and 2 dual axis adjustable rod holders Tournament Series: Stainless spool and 1 dual axis adjustable rod holder Mobile app Optimum Tournament Series (TS) Optimum Cannon Trolling Flash Weights™ incorporate a flashing prism design for extra lure power. They are black vinyl coated. The Keel keeps weight tracking accurately and prevents cable twisting. Short Stop automatically stops the weight at a pre-determined level so you don't need to worry about swinging weights damaging the boat. Positive Ion Control energizes the downrigger cable with positive Ions, creating a fish-attracting field of energy. Includes dual axis adjustable rod holder, mounting base, line release, 250' of 150lb. test SS cable, and 3-digit depth counter. Low profile horizontal spool that stays out of your way when landing fish. One foot per turn spool operates easily with either hand from a sitting position in the boat. Comes with the quick slide latch mount, deluxe counter, lifetime brake shoe, line release Standard features include: •  3/4" x 23" polished stainless boom •  Extra wide deep V pulley wheel •  200' of 150 lb. test 316 SS cable •  #1170 line release •  Positive drive line counter, 0 - 999' •  Boommounted #255 rod holder •  Auto-stop safety brake stops the downrigger if you let go of the brake •  Positive slip clutch if you snag bottom •  Includes 1010 slide mount More disk brake surface than any downrigger made. Automatic brake: anytime you let go of the brake, the downrigger stops instantly. A positive locking slip clutch control works just like an adjustable reel drag. Low profile horizontal spool that can be operated by either hand, 200 ft of 150 lb. test, 316 stainless steel cable, positive drive counter: 0 to 999 feet, deluxe Scotty 1170 line release, mounting bracket with stainless deck hardware, locating stops, line releases, lifetime warranty certificate, and downrigger fishing instruction book. Strongarm 30" x 1 1/4" SS boom. All the features of the No. 1080 plus a 30" heavy wall polished stainless steel arm. Easily handles as much weight as you are willing to crank. Excellent for the intermediate size boat. Includes 200' of 150 lb. test, 316 stainless steel cable, lifetime warranty and boommount rod holder. •  Adjustable decent speed, lifts 7 lbs. at 235 ft./min.; 15 lbs. at 203 ft./min. •  Spray protected positive-drive depth counter & Kevlar drive belt •  250' of 150 lb. test SS cable •  Boom Mt. Rodmaster II Rod Holder •  Includes power plug and receptacle •  The lowest amperage draw - less than 1/3 than some of the competition •  Marine grade stainless steel boom •  Multi-position auto-stop included (Use 1008 Stopper Beads) •  Includes Power Grip Plus line release •  Includes 1023 tilt-up mounting bracket Includes 1026 swivel mount •  Limited lifetime warranty Downriggers & Accessories Item# Description Special 736-1023w Mounting Bracket for 1080-1116 21.99 EA 736-1026w Swivel Mount 92.99 EA DOWNRIGGER MOUNTS- FOR ALL SCOTTY DOWNRIGGERS 1026 1023