2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 66 Seating Item# Size Special 169-1640002w 9" 44.99 EA High strength aluminum. 9" Round. Works with a locking latch that extends from the pedestal post. Push lever activated pedestal for easy removal of post from base. Superior strength. Use with any Spring-Lock™ or Clip-Lock post. SPRING-LOCK™ ALUMINUM DECK BASE Item# Height Post ABYC Special 169-1642005w 13 1/2"- 20" Polished SS B 154.99 EA 169-1642008w 22 1/2"- 29 1/2" Polished SS B 174.99 EA 169-1641019w 25 1/2" - 32 1/4" Polished SS B 179.99 EA Adjusts at the touch of a lever. Activator handle works by lifting up or push down. Seat mount is sturdy die cast aluminum with black powder coat overlay finish. Power cylinder. 3 Degree tilt cast aluminum swivel, rotates 360°. Use with any non-locking SpringLock™ base (sold separately). SPRING-LOCK™ POWER RISE Item# ABYC Special 169-1640202w B 31.99 EA Black E-coat for corrosion protection. Use with any Spring-Lock™ or Clip-Lock post. SPRING-LOCK™ SWIVEL SEAT MOUNT Garelick Seat Hardware Item# Application Travel Size Special 3-75081w Roto Molded Seats 7" 13" L x 8 1/2" W 154.99 EA Slide mounts under seat. Convenient handle provides locking at any position. Compatible with most 360° spiders. Wobblefree design/operation. Anodized aluminum with stainless hardware. Spider swivel casting not included. Adds 1 5/8" to the height. SEAT SLIDE Item# Description Travel Size List 3-75090w Swivel & Slide 6" 8" L x 8 1/2" W x 4" H 214.79 EA •  Allows helm or boat seats to adjust fore and aft •  Mounts between seat and pedestal •  Handle for solid locking at any position •  Compatible with most 360° spiders •  Wobble-free design/operation •  Standard size for wood or plastic seats •  Anodized aluminum with stainless hardware •  Spider swivel casting not included LOW PROFILE SEAT SLIDE AND LOCKING SWIVEL •  Smooth fore and aft travel •  Allows 360º seat rotation •  Fits any 2 7/8" (7cm) dia. tube •  Convenient handles provide solid locking in any position •  Includes 75081 slide and 99023 spider •  Required on Roto Molded seat models SEAT SLIDE AND SPIDER - STANDARD SERIES Item# Height Finish Special 3-75432w 18" Anodized 105.99 EA Stanchion tube, 9.25" diameter 6 hole base plate. Provides solid base of support for a variety of seat hardware. Anodized protective finish. Mounts Garelick™ fore and aft seat slides and 360° swivel spider combinations. 2 7/8" FIXED HEIGHT PEDESTAL-SMOOTH SERIES Item# Height Finish Special 3-75530w 12" Anodized 98.99 EA 3-75534w 30" Anodized 125.99 EA •  Fits Garelick™ seat slides and 360° swivel spider combinations •  2 7/8" diameter smooth stanchion tube, 9 1/4" dia. 6-hole base plate 2 7/8" FIXED HEIGHT PEDESTAL - RIBBED SERIES Item# Height Finish Special 3-75535w 12"-17" Anodized 206.99 EA Standard Friction Lock •  2 7/8" diameter ribbed stanchion plate. 9 1/4" diameter 6 hole base plate •  Anodized finish helps prevent corrosion and weathering •  Seat raises or lowers, locks at desired height 2 7/8" ADJUSTABLE PEDESTAL - RIBBED SERIES Item# Description Finish Special 3-99023w Swivel Spider Mount Anodized 68.99 EA •  Fits all Garelick™ 2 7/8" dia. stanchion pedestal seat bases •  4 prong spider swivels 360° and locks positively •  Anodized aluminum with stainless hardware SWIVEL SPIDER SEAT MOUNT STANDARD SERIES Item# Finish Fits Special 3-99026wPowder Coat Ribbed Stanchion Series 101.99 Full 360º rotation. Twist control drag affords selected drag for rotation. Internal delrin bearing cup engages in 10° increments for positive lock. Dual quick lock handles - lever actuated, positive lock engages immediately. For use with any 2 7/8" diameter fluted stanchion pedestal seat base. SWIVEL SPIDER SEAT MOUNT - RIBBED SERIES Item# Travel Finish ABYC Special 3-75083w 7" Anodized A 199.99 EA Item# Description Size Finish Special 169-13007501w 2 3/8" base 9" dia Satin 44.99 EA •  9" round aluminum base with 8" mounting hole pattern. •  Use with any 2 3/8" Plug-ln™ post (sold separately) PLUG-IN™ ROUND BASE Item# Height Size ABYC Special 169-1300713w 13" 2 3/8" AD 38.99 EA 169-1300715w 15" 2 3/8" AD 39.99 EA •  Fixed height •  Locking in three positions •  High-Strength aluminum post, Anodized Finish •  Uses with any Plug-In™ base •  Use with Locking Trac-Lock™ Swivel PLUG-IN™ REMOVABLE LOCKING POST Item# Height Finish ABYC Special 169-1300901w 14 3/4" to 21" Anodized B 153.99 EA Adjustable pedestal provides safe, stable seating and the seat mount can be locked in position to prevent rotation or unlocked to rotate freely. Fits any 2 3/8" Plug-In™ series base. 5-Year warranty. PLUG-IN™ ADJUSTABLE PEDESTAL } W/ SEAT MOUNT Item# Height Size ABYC Special 169-1300902w 22 3/4" - 29 1/2" 2 3/8" B 156.99 EA Unit can be locked in any rotational position or left to rotate freely with easy access locking lever. Fits any 2 3/8" Plug-In™ base. Provides safe, stable seating. PLUG-IN™ STAND-UP PEDESTAL