2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 84 Trailering Item# Special DexterTrailer_Half_1* NaN Item# Size Stud Special 641-82113w 10" 5 252.99 EA 641-82100w 12" 6 278.99 EA ELIMINATOR DISC BRAKES Item# Description Stud Special 641-82091w 10" Disc Brake Assembly 5 316.99 EA 641-82092w 12" Disc Brake Assembly 6 429.99 EA G5 STAINLESS STEEL DISC BRAKES •  Integral one piece style vented rotor and aluminum caliper with automotive quality brake pads. E-coat finish protects the caliper from salt crystallization. •  Galv-X coated brake pad backing plates further reduce corrosion. • All aluminum caliper, 380 Series alloy, sheds heat fast. •  Compact design allows short axle overhangs and provides direct brake line routing • Oil impregnated bronze bushing last longer. • Oversize rubber boot is 50% thicker. • Stainless steel caliper slide pins are easily accessible for quick removal. • Fits most 13", 14" & 15" wheels. • Two kits required per axle. •  Single piston aluminum caliper, patented bimetal aluminum/stainless piston, oil impregnated bronze bushings, ceramic pads with stainless steel backing plates stainless steel slider pins • GalvX coated hub and galvanized mounting bracket. •  Precision bearings, seals, and grease factory installed •  Factory pre-installed stainless steel slider pins •  Each kit is for one wheel, includes mounting bracket •  Stainless Steel rotor with venting holes for faster cooling •  5 on 4 1/2" bolt pattern Brakes Item# Description Capacity Bearings Special 641-81022w Painted 5 Stud UHI 1750 lbs. 1 3/8" & 1 1/16" 139.99 EA 641-81013w GalvX 5 Stud UHI 1750 lbs. 1 3/8" & 1 1/16" 164.99 EA VORTEX LUBE HUB KITS •  High-performance lubrication system •  100,000 mile or 6 year limited warranty •  "No Touch" lubrication system. Filled with Lucas Marine heavy duty grease •  No re-greasing or inspection needed. No maintenance/service necessary •  Reusable dust cap is threaded for easy removal GalvX is a two part coating process using a base layer of specially formulated E-coat to provide superior corrosion protection and a top layer of epoxy powder coat to form a hard shell finish. GalvX protects better than hot dipped galvanizing. GalvX Painted