2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 85 Trailering Free backing drum brakes are designed to withstand a marine environment. Hubs are designed to work with hydraulic or electric drum brakes. Painted brake drum hubs for greater corrosion resistance. Drum hub only with cups and studs. Complete hydraulic free backing drum brake kit has everything needed for a single axle 5-stud wheel trailer, both left and right assemblies. Model 660/800 drum brake actuator features a cast ball clamp, Drop N Go auto coupler latch, actuator features cast ball clamp, and an oversized master cylinder. Includes a pair of GalvX coated drum brakes and painted drum hubs, drum brake actuator and brake line kit. Fits 13", 14" and 15" wheels. DOT 3 brake fluid not included. •  Pre-charged dampener unit, eliminates "pumping" before bleeding the brakes •  Standard length actuator cover •  Cast steel ball clamp and latch handle •  Stainless steel safety pin •  Aluminum master cylinder •  Coiled E-stop cable, PVC coated •  Grease fittings on roller pins •  2" coupler in closed position will auto latch on the hitch ball •  Larger fill cap on master cylinder, easy to remove, easier to add brake fluid Replacement pads for 10" and 12" disc brakes. Full axle replacement, 4 pads. 81252 81251 Item# Description Size Special 641-82095w E-Coated Drum Brakes L & R 10" 209.99 BX 641-81097w Galv-X Drum Brakes L & R 10" 289.99 BX 641-82096w E-Coated Drum Brakes L & R 12" 261.99 BX 641-81098w Galv-X Drum Brakes L & R 12" 334.99 BX DRUM BRAKES Item# Description Special Painted Finish 641-81004 10" Brake Drum Hub, 5 Studs 129.99 EA 641-81003 12" Brake Drum Hub, 6 Studs 148.99 EA Painted Drum Hubs-assembled with bearings, seal and pre-greased 641-81001w 10" Brake Drum Hub, 5 Studs 151.99 EA 641-81002w 12" Brake Drum Hub, 6 Studs 177.99 EA BRAKE DRUM HUB Item# Description Stud Special 641-82407dw 10" Brake Kit with 6600 lb. actuator 5 681.99 EA COMPLETE DRUM BRAKE KIT Item# Model Capacity Special 641-82400w 660-Disc Brake Ready 6,600 lbs. 321.99 EA 641-82401w 660-Drum Brake Ready 6,600 lbs. 284.99 EA BRAKE ACTUATOR Item# Type For Pack Special 641-81251 Ceramic Pads Eliminator Vented Rotor brakes Set of 4 84.99 PK 641-81252 Ceramic Pads G5 SS disc brakes Set of 4 84.99 PK BRAKE PAD SET Item# Size Special 77-05089 19 oz. 9.99 EA The original BRAKLEEN - our strongest formula! Formulated to quickly and effectively remove grease, brake dust, brake fluids, oils and other contaminants from brake parts, lining and pads. Cleans fast and dries faster! BRAKLEEN® NON-FLAMMABLE BRAKE PARTS CLEANER Kit comes with everything needed to replace or upgrade from drum brakes to trailer disc brakes. Model 660/800 Disc brake actuator features a cast ball clamp, Drop N Go auto coupler latch, oversized master cylinder, with solenoid installed. Kit Includes a pair of GalvX coated vented rotor disc brakes, disc brake actuator and a brake line kit, brake hoses, brass fittings & attachment hardware (Brake fluid not included) Fits 13", 14" and 15" wheels. COMPLETE VENTED ROTOR DISC BRAKE KIT Item# Description Stud Special 641-82405w 10" Integral Disc Brake Kit, with 6600 lb. Actuator 5 819.99 EA The Galv-X system is composed of inorganic polymers which bond metallic zinc flakes to the metal surface. The E-Coat drums are painted. Kit includes aluminum wheel cylinder, stainless steel spring, brake pads that are bonded and riveted with bronze rivets to backing plate and backing. These are enough parts to do one axle. Drum replacement parts kit includes: springs, adjuster tool, brass hardware, and hardware for the backing plate.