2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 92 Anchoring & Mooring Item# Weight Boat Size Color Special 50-41200w 8 lbs. Up to 10' Vinyl Coated 36.99 EA 50-41220w 10 lbs. Up to 12' Vinyl Coated 40.99 EA 50-41260w 15 lbs. Up to 16' Vinyl Coated 62.99 EA 50-41270w 20 lbs. Up to 24' Vinyl Coated 74.99 EA 50-41280w 8 lbs. Up to 10' Aluminum Painted 25.99 EA 50-41300w 10 lbs. Up to 12' Aluminum Painted 37.99 EA 50-41340w 15 lbs. Up to 16' Aluminum Painted 48.99 EA Aluminum painted iron with a vinyl coating. For small boats and mooring buoys. One-piece cast iron in two coating choices: double dipped painted aluminum for rust resistance and heavy gauge black vinyl for hull protection. Most effective in sand or mud. MUSHROOM ANCHOR Aluminum Paint Vinyl Coated Item# Weight Color Special 50-41500w 12 lbs. Black 46.99 EA 50-41510w 15 lbs. Black 68.99 EA 50-41520w 20 lbs. Black 79.49 EA 50-41530w 30 lbs. Black 106.99 EA Vinyl coated iron anchors with galvanized anchor shackle. Will catch and hold to rough bottom. RIVER ANCHOR Vinyl coated fluke anchor is ideal for PWC and small boats. Includes 25’ line and storage bag. Anchor approximately 1 3/4 lbs. Item# Weight Special 50-41160w Approx. 1 3/4 lbs. 28.99 EA PWC FLUKE ANCHOR KIT Perfect for anchoring a PWC in sand and mud in shallow water. Anchor is attached to a 10' line. Includes float and storage bag. Item# Special 50-41192 31.99 EA SCREW ANCHOR SYSTEM Item# Weight Line Size Boat Size Special 50-41002w 3.5 lb. 1/4" x 25' 5' - 12' 67.49 EA For boats, sailboats, PWC and canoes. Use in sand, rock, mud and gravel bottoms. Painted hot dipped galvanized iron with forged flukes. Includes: Anchor, Anchor Line, Adjustable Buoy, Stainless Steel Hook and Storage Bag. GRAPNEL ANCHOR KIT FOLDING GRAPNEL ANCHOR Anchor Closed Made of malleable iron, heavily galvanized. Operates and folds up easily to store. Lockable in open and closed position. Great for small craft and dinghies. Includes shackle. Ideal for securing you boat or PWC to shore. Self-driving hammer action. Galvanized with rubber coated handle for protection. Item# Size Boat Size Special 50-43810 Small up to 22' 88.49 EA 50-43820 Large up to 30' 106.49 EA BEACH SPIKE Item# Weight Material For Special 50-43770w 13 lbs. Galvanized Personal Watercraft 152.49 EA 50-43780w 19 lbs. Galvanized Offshore/Sport 18'-30', Cabin Cruiser to 24' 209.99 EA 50-43790w 25 lbs. Galvanized Offshore/Sport to 40', Cabin Cruiser to 32' 226.49 EA Sets quickly in any bottom surface. Retrieves easily. Folds flat for storage. Hot dipped galvanized. FOLD-AND-HOLD ANCHOR Item# Weight Special 50-41050w 1 1/2 lbs. 13.99 EA 50-41000w 3 1/2 lbs. 24.49 EA 50-41010w 5 1/2 lbs. 38.99 EA 50-41020w 7 lbs. 50.99 EA