2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 96 Anchoring & Mooring Item# Description Length Height Special 27-1810442dw Black w/ Black Motor 10' 49" 1999.99 EA 27-1810443dw Silver w/ Black Motor 10' 49" 1999.99 EA 27-1810444dw Silver w/ White Motor 10' 49" 1999.99 EA 27-1810445dw White w/ White Motor 10' 49" 1999.99 EA 27-1810452dw Black w/ Black Motor 12' 57" 2149.99 EA 27-1810451dw Blue w/ Black Motor 12' 57" 2149.99 EA 27-1810450dw Red w/ Black Motor 12' 57" 2149.99 EA 27-1810453dw Silver w/ Black Motor 12' 57" 2149.99 EA 27-1810454dw Silver w/ White Motor 12' 57" 2149.99 EA 27-1810462w Black w/ Black Motor 15' 69" 2549.99 EA 27-1810463w Silver w/ Black Motor 15' 69" 2549.99 EA The only shallow water anchor with up to 15' of anchoring depth, multiple anchoring modes, and control from the bow, transom, console, remote or mobile device. The Talon features a control panel, just like automatic windows on your truck, and a wireless foot switch which gives you hands-free control of your talon and anchoring modes, a wireless remote to control anchoring modes and work lights. •  3-Stage Design •  Vertical Style Deployment •  Selectable Anchoring Modes •  Electro-Mechanical Design •  Deployment Notification Alarm •  LED Deployment Indicator Lights •  Integrated Work Light •  Bluetooth Communication •  New Phone App •  Integrated Controls with i-Pilot & i-Pilot Link Remote •  Integrated Controls with Humminbird Unit •  Five year warranty TALON SHALLOW WATER ANCHOR Red w/Black Blue w/Black White w/White Silver w/White Silver w/Black Black w/Black Item# Description Length Finish Special 2-Piece Poles 781-KPP802B 2-Pc Poles 8' Black 104.99 EA 781-KPP802W 2-Pc Poles 8' White 104.99 EA 781-KPP100B 2-Pc Poles 10' Black 113.99 EA 781-KPP100W 2-Pc Poles 10' White 113.99 EA 781-KPP120B 2-Pc Poles 12' Black 129.99 EA 781-KPP120W 2-Pc Poles 12' White 129.99 EA Motor Mount Brackets 781-KPMMP Motor Mount Black Powder Coat 76.99 EA Transom Mount Brackets 781-KPS50A 5" Transom Mt. Clear Anodized 174.99 EA 781-KPS50B 5" Transom Mt. Black Powder Coat 174.99 EA Bow Mount Brackets 781-KPB30A 3" Bow Mount Clear Anodized 184.99 EA 781-KPB30B 3" Bow Mount Black Powder Coat 184.99 EA 781-KPB60A 6" Bow Mount Clear Anodized 219.99 EA 781-KPB60B 6" Bow Mount. Black Powder Coat 219.99 EA Convenient shallow water anchoring systems for a quick, no maintenance way to hold the boat in position. Quickly anchor in shallow water without heavy anchors and wet, cumbersome ropes. Ideal for precision bait presentations especially in windy conditions or where currents are present. No power, no switches and no wires. King Pin is the perfect alternative or complement to power actuated pole anchors. 2pc poles: Feature a 'Pool Cue' style stainless steel butt collar for quick breakdown and easy storage or transport. Constructed of ¾" dia., high-impact fiberglass. Equipped with molded foam grips and stainless steel tips to protect the pole while facilitating easy bottom penetration. Rubber storage clips included. Signature Anchor Pole Lock: All anchor brackets are equipped with a proprietary, integrated pole lock. Just flip the lever to secure the pole in the bracket, while eliminating loose parts that can fall in the water. Quick Release Bow Mount Bracket: With a quick pull of the plunger pin and a short twist, the bracket can be removed leaving only the mounting plate for a clean, obstacle free deck. Includes mounting hardware and integrated O-rings eliminating the need for sealant. Available in 3" or 6" rise for easy, safe gunnel clearance. Mounting hardware included. KING PIN SHALLOW WATER ANCHOR SYSTEM Bow Mount 5" Transom Mount KPMMP Bow Mt. Bracket Item# Fits Special Sun-Dura® Mist Gray 500-600004S11 Power Pole 4' Unit 44.99 EA 500-600006S11 Power Pole 6' Unit 46.99 EA 500-600008S11 Power Pole 8' Unit 48.99 EA 500-600010S11 Power Pole 10' Unit 62.99 EA 500-601008S11 Talon 8' Unit 48.99 EA 500-6010010S11 Talon 10' Unit 49.99 EA 500-6010012S11 Talon 12' Unit 51.99 EA Universal Shallow Water Anchor covers are an excellent solution for protecting these costly anchoring devices. The slip-on design with an attached strap system and heavy-duty buckle keeps the cover securely in place. Made from Performance Poly-Guard® 100% Marine-grade polyester. Highest tear strength available. 8 oz, strong and durable. UV and mildew resistant. Excellent resistance to fading. Extremely water repellent. SHALLOW WATER ANCHOR COVER Talon Power Pole Pole