2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 148 Lighting Item# Description Type Lens Housing Visibility 23-NV3012SSG7w Round Starboard Green Stainless 2 nm 23-NV3012SSR7w Round Port Red Stainless 2 nm 23-NV4012SSG7w Oval Starboard Green Stainless 2 nm 23-NV4012SSR7w Oval Port Red Stainless 2 nm Top-quality materials, robust construction, durability, and a sleek design. •  2 NM U.S.C.G. Certified •  Easy installation •  Corrosion Resistant •  Water-Resistant (IP Rating 67) •  Smaller footprint NV4012SSR7 NV4012SSG7 NV3012SSR7 NV3012SSG7 LIGHTARMOR™ LED VERTICAL SURFACE MOUNT SIDE LIGHT Item# Attwood Lighting Half* attwoodmarine.com Intelligently engineered for strength and durability Proprietary modular LED light engine technology. Robust construction and durability. Sleek flexible design. Easy installation. Item# Housing Visibility 23-NV2002PB7w Black Composite 2 nm 23-NV2002SS7w 304 Stainless Steel 2 nm Lights feature LightArmor intelligent engineering. Water resistant (IP rating 67) and feature a smaller footprint with refined styling. •  2 NM U.S.C.G. Certified •  Tough PC/ABS Housing •  Santoprene™ Gasket •  Feature tell-tale indicators •  Meet Domestic and Global Regulatory Requirements •  Corrosion Resistant LIGHTARMOR™ BI-COLOR LED DECK MOUNT LIGHT 304 Stainless Black Item# Type 23-38107w Combination Rugged, 316 Stainless Steel cover. For use on boats up to 65.6' in length. Provides 2-mile visibility. Stainless steel electrical contacts will not corrode. Includes 10-watt bayonet lamp. 7" tinned copper wire leads. Visible 225°. Size: 3 3/8" L x 2 7/16" W x 1 1/2" H. STAINLESS STEEL DECK MOUNT BI-COLOR LIGHT Item# Description Height 23-5092107 2-pin locking collar pole 10" Straight 23-5091107 2-pin locking collar pole 10" Angled PULSAR BI-COLOR STOWAWAY PLUG-IN POLE LIGHT Angled Straight 1-mile, 225° red/green light visibility for boats up to 39.4' (12 m) in length. When not in use, lights can be removed from base and stowed, so they won’t interfere with fishing or anchoring. Includes 8-watt wedge-base lamp. 2-pin, locking collar poles are universal fit. Item# Type Lens Housing Visibility 23-NV2012PBG7w Starboard Green Black Composite 2 nm 23-NV2012PBR7w Port Red Black Composite 2 nm Streamlined deck mount lights that meet today's global regulatory requirements. •  2 NM U.S.C.G. Certified •  Corrosion Resistant •  Water-Resistant (IP Rating 67) •  Features tell-tale indicators •  Smaller footprint NV2012PBR7 NV2012PBG7 LIGHTARMOR™ LED DECK MOUNT SIDE LIGHT