2022 Sea Value

KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 159 Lighting Underwater Lights Item# Lumens LED Color Finish Size 451-101436w 670 RGBW Spectrum Anodized Aluminum 3" All of the features and dazzling output colors of the SeaBlazeX Spectrum into a powerful little package perfect for smaller trailer boats and skiffs. Surface mountable, no external drivers and nearly infinite output colors. SEABLAZE SPECTRUM LED UNDERWATER LIGHT Item# Dia. LED Color Volts Amps Pack 451-101245w 3" White 10-30 990mA@12V 1 pr. 451-101246w 3" Blue 10-30 990mA@12V 1 pr. SeaBlaze Mini packs a surprising punch! Leveraging many of the technologies utilized in our most popular underwater light, the SeaBlaze3, to ensure years of trouble free service. With an actual MEASURED output of 890 lumens. Perfect for smaller trailer boats, skiffs, or dinghies. Sold as a pair. SEABLAZE MINI UNDERWATER LED LIGHT Item# Lumens LED Color 451-101511w 2000 Dual Color White/Blue, Cross Fade 451-101510w 2000 Spectrum Full-Color RGBW Built on the shoulders of the world's most popular underwater light, leveraging the technology of SeaBlazeX, SeaBlaze Quattro boasts more than 2000 lumens, multi-mode output including cross fade, and a marine grade bronze housing. 3.85"Dia. x 0.71"D SEABLAZE QUATTRO UNDERWATER LIGHT Item# Lumens LED Color 451-101516w 5000 Dual Color White/Blue, Cross Fade, Strobe 451-101515w 5000 Spectrum Full-Color RGBW The dual-color SeaBlazeX2 offers an internally synchronized white/blue cross fade mode, as well as white, blue, and strobe output. Delivers a nearly limitless palette of intense, rich, vivid colors. Both versions deliver more than 5,000 integrating-sphere-measured lumens. Surface mount, no external drivers. 3.94"Dia. x 0.85"D SEABLAZEX2 UNDERWATER LED LIGHT Item# Watts Lumens LEDs LED Color Size 50-03031w 0.36 12 6 Blue 4" L x 1/2" W 50-03401w 0.36 12 6 Green 4" L x 1/2" W 50-03061w 0.36 12 6 Red 4" L x 1/2" W 50-03001w 0.36 12 6 White 4" L x 1/2" W 50-03041w 0.48 20 10 Blue 6" L x 1/2" W 50-03411w 0.48 20 10 Green 6" L x 1/2" W 50-03071w 0.48 20 10 Red 6" L x 1/2" W 50-03011w 0.48 20 10 White 6" L x 1/2" W 50-03051w 0.72 24 12 Blue 8" L x 1/2" W 50-03421w 0.72 24 12 Green 8" L x 1/2" W 50-03081w 0.72 24 12 Red 8" L x 1/2" W 50-03021w 0.72 24 12 White 8" L x 1/2" W Waterproof. 12V DC. Pre-drilled to accommodate #8 screws (included). LED UNDERWATER LIGHT STRIP Item# Lumens LED Color Size 232-LED51867DPw 180 Blue 3.5" x 1.5" 232-LED51868DPw 180 Green 3.5" x 1.5" 232-LED51866DPw 180 White 3.5" x 1.5" An affordable alternative for LED underwater boat lighting. These high-intensity LED underwater lights are totally waterproof and designed to be used above or below the waterline. A broad flood light effect is created by the engineered optics of the convex light face. Compared to other LED models on the market, this light has greater light output and a wider aperture. Proven to attract bait fish to during night trips, and add ambiance to any vessel. HIGH INTENSITY LED UNDERWATER LIGHTS Item# Model Boat Size Lumens Dia. LEDs Color 812-012102W S3116S To 65' 9840 3.9" 16 Ultra White 812-012101B S3116S To 65' 9840 3.9" 16 Midnight Blue 812-012103BWS3124S To 65' 5600 3.9" 24 Dual White/Blue 812-012110C S3166S To 65' 8448 3.9" 66 RGBW Multicolor The ideal choice of underwater LED light for fishing and cruising in small and medium sized boats. Advanced optics, designed exclusively by OceanLED, offer a truly striking 90° surface beam angle with a focused 20° side beam angle providing greater water penetration and a significantly larger area illuminated without any loss. •  Advanced Optics •  Surface mount •  40,000+ Hour Life •  Easy to install below the waterline •  Low Power Draw •  90° Top / 20° Side Beam •  Integrated Driver •  Full Thermal Protection •  Tritonium™ marine growth resistant, easy to clean SPORT SERIES UNDERWATER LED LIGHT Item# Model Boat Size Lumens LED Color Amps Size Angle 812-012301W X4 Up to 30' 1450 Ultra White 0.8A @ 12V 5.4”L x 2.91”H 60° 812-012302B X4 Up to 30' 1450 Midnight Blue 0.8A @ 12V 5.4”L x 2.91”H 60° 812-012304W X8 Up to 50' 2900 Ultra White 1.65A @ 12V 8.62”L x 3.07”H 60° 812-012305B X8 Up to 50' 2900 Xtreme Midnight Blue 1.65A @ 12V 8.62”L x 3.07”H 60° 812-012307C X8 Up to 50' 2900 Xtreme Colours 1.65A @ 12V 8.62”L x 3.07”H 60° 812-012308W X16 Up to 65' 5800 Xtreme Ultra White 3.2A @ 12V 9.84"L x 4.29"H 60° 812-012309B X16 Up to 65' 5800 Xtreme Midnight Blue 3.2A @ 12V 9.84"L x 4.29"H 60° 812-012311C X16 Up to 65' 5800 Xtreme Colours 3.2A @ 12V 9.84"L x 4.29"H 60° X-Series is a superb underwater LED light for virtually all fishing and cruising boats. A low profile design with Midnight Blue, Ultra White and Colours light options. Focused optics offer a 60° surface beam angle for excellent water penetration ensuring a large area is illuminated. Easy to install and simple to maintain; the X-Series is a great choice for you and your boat. •  Simple to use •  Advanced optics and a focused beam •  Compact design makes it quick and easy to install X SERIES UNDERWATER LED LIGHT X16 X8 X4