2022 Sea Value

KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 175 Maintenance Sealants & Adhesives Item# Size Color 50-96891w 3 oz. Clear 50-96881w 3 oz. White 50-96911 10 oz. Clear 50-96901 10 oz. White ELASTOMERIC MARINE SEALANT For use below or above waterline •  Fast curing and permanently flexible: full cure in 1 to 7 days at 40°F to 130°F •  Non staining or sagging •  Adheres tenaciously to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, plexiglass, Lexan and other plastics •  Sandable and paintable •  Clean-up with mineral spirits •  Not recommended for deck seams or areas in contact with gasoline Not available for sale in California. Item# Pettit_AnchorTech_Half_1* Item# Size Color 93-6006Cw 10.1 oz. Cartridge Black 93-6005Cw 10.1 oz. Cartridge White PERMANENT, WATERPROOF, PAINTABLE ADHESIVE SEALANT •  Above or below waterline use •  Can be applied underwater •  Maximum Adhesion and Flexibility •  Superior Durability •  24 Hour Cure Time •  Apply down to 41° ANCHORTECH PREMIUM FAST DRY ADHESIVE SEALANT Item# Size Color 93-6015T 4.8 oz. Tube White 93-6015C 9 oz. Cartridge White 93-6016C 9 oz. Cartridge Crystal Clear REMOVABLE, WATERPROOF, PAINTABLE SEALANT Fast dry, hybrid sealant •  Above waterline use •  All weather & low temp applicable •  Permanently flexible & removable •  Shrink and crack proof •  Paintable in 30 minutes •  Apply down to 20° F ANCHORTECH ADVANCED HYBRID SEALANT Item# Size Color 93-6010Tu 4.8 oz. Tube White 93-6010Cw 10.1 oz. Cartridge White SEMI-PERMANENT, WATERPROOF, PAINTABLE ADHESIVE SEALANT Fast dry, UV resistant adhesive sealant •  Above waterline use •  All weather & low temp applicable • UV resistance, non-yellowing •  100% waterproof •  Paintable in 1 hour •  Apply down to 25° ANCHORTECH UV RESISTANT ADHESIVE SEALANT Excellent adhesion to fiberglass, plastic, wood, aluminum, steel and other substrates. Can be applied to wet surfaces and in low temperatures. It guns out easily, tools smoothly, low in odor and VOC compliant. Item# Size Color 74-82101w 3 oz. tube White 74-82102w 3 oz. tube Clear 74-82103w 3 oz. tube Black 74-82121w 10.3 oz. cart. White 74-82122w 10.3 oz. cart. Clear 74-82123w 10.3 oz. cart. Black The #1 selling marine sealant is a 100% marine grade silicone that won't turn yellow, shrink or sag. Remains flexible from -70° to +480° F. Bonds to fiberglass, plastic, wood, glass and metal. Unaffected by sunlight, weathering, most chemicals and solvents. Excellent for deck hardware and can be used above or below waterline. MARINE SILICONE SEALANT