2022 Sea Value

KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 193 Maintenance Item# Color Size 95-6045G Black Gallon 95-6042G Blue Gallon 95-6030G Dark Blue Gallon 95-6043G Green Gallon 95-6041G Red Gallon TALON™ ANTIFOULING Copper-based, semi-hard hybrid ablative antifouling. Talon can be applied over most antifouling coatings and aggressively combats all types of fouling in fresh and saltwater. 33.6% cuprous oxide -highest grade available. May be applied over other modified epoxy antifouling paints. Multi-Season Self-Polishing CoPolymer - 3300 Series Formulated to be a harder more durable finish for all types of vessels- from workboats to daysailers. A multiseason formula for a single-season price. Lloyd's Register certified. Item# Color Size 95-3345GL Black Gallon 95-3342GL Blue Gallon 95-3330GL Dark Blue Gallon 95-3343GL Green Gallon 95-3341GL Red Gallon AF33™ Item# Color Size Blacks 94-4258Qu Black Quart Whites 94-4359Qu White Quart 94-4208Qu Hatteras Off-White Quart 94-4360Qu Matterhorn White Quart 94-4381Qu Off White Quart Blues & Greens 94-4241Qu Sapphire Blue Quart 94-4247Qu Sea Green Quart Reds & Yellows 94-4248Qu Fire Red Quart A hard, high gloss one part polyurethane finish •  A convenient size to paint boottops and accent stripes •  Hard, high gloss one part polyurethane finish •  Contains a fluro microadditive for easy cleaning, stain and abrasion resistance BRIGHTSIDE® POLYURETHANES Item# Color Size Blacks 94-YHY999KITQTu Jet Black Quart Whites 94-YHS070KITQTu Cream Quart 94-YHS248KITQu Arctic White Quart 94-YHA198KITQTu Matterhorn White Quart 94-YHA184KITQTu Mediterranean White Quart 94-YHA192KITQTu Off White Quart 94-YHA194KITQTu Oyster White Quart 94-YHB000KITQTw Snow White Quart Blues 94-YHA216KITQTu Royal Blue Quart 94-YHK990KITQTu Flag Blue Quart Grays 94-YHA183KITQTu Platinum Quart Excellent roll and tip 2 Part Polyurethane Technology •  Ultimate performance 2-part polyurethane finish •  Professional quality results made easy •  Highest gloss & highest abrasion resistance for long lasting color and gloss •  Use with thinner 2333 or 2316 - sold separately PERFECTION® KIT Item# Color Size Blacks 93-3801Qw Black Quart Whites 93-3108Qw Off White Quart 93-3106Qw Semi Gloss White Quart 93-3175Qw White Quart Blues & Greens 93-3229Qw Bikini Blue Quart 93-3213Qw Blue Ice Quart 93-3237Qw Electric Blue Quart 93-3348Qw Jade Green Quart 93-3333Qw Seafoam Green Quart Reds & Yellows 93-3624Qw Bright Red Quart EZ-Poxy is a modern one-part polyurethane topside and deck enamel improved by the addition of silicone for a brilliant shine and easy brushability. It's advanced ultraviolet filters enhance the superior gloss retention and durability of polyurethane. The result is a topside finish that's exceptionally easy to apply, producing a lasting gelcoat-like brilliance with a minimum of effort. EZ-POXY POLYURETHANE TOPSIDE FINISH Primers, Thinners, etc. Item# Color Size 94-YJC089Qw Cream Quart 94-YJF684Qw Gray Quart 94-YJG009Qw Sand Beige Quart 94-YJB000Qw White Quart INTERDECK NON SKID FINISH Item# Color Size 94-YMA100Qu Grey Quart 94-YMA100Gu Grey Gallon 94-YMA102Qu White Quart 94-YMA102Gu White Gallon BILGEKOTE® Slip resistant polyurethane deck paint A tough, slip resistant deck paint that protects the surface from every day wear and tear. It’s easy to apply and its low sheen finish helps prevent sunlight from reflecting off decks. •  Contains fine mineral additive for hard wearing, non-slip surface •  Suitable for all substrates •  Apply straight from the can with brush or roller Hard wearing coating for bilges and bulkheads A fast drying, durable coating formulated for application to bilge areas. Bilgekote® helps prevent absorption of oil, gasoline or sludge into wood and fiberglass. •  Hard wearing coating for bilges and bulkheads •  High opacity for thorough coverage •  Cleans easily for reduced upkeep