2022 Sea Value

KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | dUSP/FEDEX Surcharge 27 Electronics Item# 830-0100162800w The MS-NRX300 NMEA 2000 Certified Wired Remote Control is an out of the box solution for adding localized control of a compatible Fusion marine entertainment system. •  Multi-Zone Technology: Install a remote in up to four audio zones, up to four zones, depending on your Fusion system, to create localized volume control, as well as global source control. •  IPx7 Waterproof: Perfect for installation on swim platform, deck or in the cabin. •  NMEA 2000 certified for connection to any NMEA 2000 network. •  Optically Bonded 2.6” large LCD , high contrast, daylight viewable display. •  NMEA 2000 Repeater: supported NMEA2000 network data from compatible marine electronics. The following information is available: Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Depth, Speed over Ground, Speed through Water, Heading, Position, Water Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, ETA. •  Choose either a flush mount for a sleek, glass helm finish option, or you install with the conventional dash mount finish IPX7 NMEA 2000 WIRED REMOTE Item# Model Watts Description 830-0100149900w MS-AM402 400 2 Channel 830-0100150000w MS-AM504 500 4 Channel With added amplification you can easily extend your audio entertainment to new areas of your boat or RV. •  Class-AB design •  2 Ohm Stable MOSFET Ampli er Design •  Variable Bass Boost 0 - + 18dB •  Variable LP and HP Electronics X-OVER @ 18dB/octave •  4 Gauge Power and Ground Connections •  Nickel Plated Audio Input and Output RCA Connections •  Nickel Plated RCA Output for multi-amp Installations •  Conformal coated circuttry-Provides added protection from salt air and moisture to ensure maximum product life •  Marine grade chassis - Stainless steel end and bottom plates provide a stunning nish coupled with environmental protection MS-AM SERIES MARINE AMPLIFIER Easily extend your audio entertainment to new areas of your boat or RV. Signature Series amplifiers are designed specifically for marine use, with conformal coated PCBs to provide extra protection from the marine elements and ensures that the amplifiers will continue to perform season after season. 3 year warranty. Item# Model Watts Description 830-0100196800w SG-DA51600 1600 5 Channel •  Class-D amplifier technology •  1 piece die cast heat sink discrete install panel •  Conformal coated circuitry •  Stainless steel mirror finish •  2-Ohm stable stereo MARINE AMPLIFIER Item# Model Color Box 830-0100208010w EL-651B Black 1 pr. 830-0100208000w EL-651W White 1 pr. 830-0100208020w EL-FL651SPG w/LEDs 1 pr. Ideal for installations where mounting depth is limited, the shallow basket design ensures your speakers will fit in thinner wall cavities. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation, the EL Series are designed to withstand the elements in harsh outdoor and marine environments. Meeting industry standards for UV and salt fog protection, along with an IP65 weatherproof rating, your speakers are protected from sun, salt, water and dust damage from the front face when correctly mounted. 6.5" EL SERIES FULL RANGE SHALLOW MOUNT MARINE SPEAKERS Black Item# Model Watts Size Color Box 830-0100219900wXS-F40CWB 80 4" Black, White 1 pr. 830-0100219600wXS-F65CWB 200 6.5" Classic white & black grills 1 pr. 830-0100219620wXS-FL65SPGW 200 6.5" LED, Sport white & grey grills 1 pr. 830-0100219700wXS-F77CWB 240 7.7" Classic white & black grills 1 pr. 830-0100219720wXS-FL77SPGW 240 7.7" LED, Sport white & grey grills 1 pr. Designed to produce consistently high quality audio at even the loudest volumes, the XS speakers are built for on-board performance season after season. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation. Optimized speaker drivers with separate tweeters produce quality audio at all volume levels. Two stylish grilles complement on-board aesthetics while reducing the risk of damage due to their low protrusion. LED Sports style speakers feature an innovative cone to provide bright and even RGB LED illumination on board in a range of colors. Choose a color to match the mood, set the tone or complement your music, and enjoy bright, even illumination on board. XS SERIES MARINE SPEAKERS w/sport grills Classic Item# Model Watts Color 830-0100219800wXS-S10CWB 600 Classic white & black grills 830-0100219820wXS-SL10SPGW 600 LED, Sport white & grey grills Designed to consistently produce quality low frequency audio at any volume level. Designed to add low frequencies to your audio, the XS subwoofer can be traditionally wired into your system through an amplifier. Alternatively, create a 2.1 audio zone by connecting two speakers and a subwoofer directly to a Fusion multizone stereo with DSP, without the need to use an external amplifier. XS SERIES 10" MARINE SUBWOOFER Sport white w/sport grills Classic white w/black grills Item# 830-MSBT100w The MS-BT100 will connect to any Fusion stereo ever manufactured or any stereo from any manufacturer ever built with an RCA Auxiliary input allowing for instant streaming from a compatible device. Simple to install with 12V power and ground required. The module streams audio from any A2DP Bluetooth capable Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry or other device directly to the FUSION marine stereo. Features Direct Media Device Control - allowing you to quickly and easily select tracks, album, artist or playlist from your device with an effective range of 33 feet. Certified IP65 water resistant and tested for the marine environment. Features integrated marine voltage protection, which is engineered to protect against voltage spikes. MARINE BLUETOOTH MODULE White w/LEDs Item# Watts Size Color Box 830-0100184800w 200 6" White, Black & Sport 1 pr. Includes 3 grille options in the box for a great look in any environment. •  Tweeter type: titanium dome •  Cone: CURV •  Max power (Watts): 200 •  Efficiency (1W/1M): 91dB 6" 2-WAY SPEAKERS •  Frequency response: 70Hz-22kHz •  Impedance: 4 Ohms •  Mounting Dimension: 5 1/8" •  Mounting Depth: 2 13/16" Rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection from the front, Meets industry standards for UV and salt fog protection, perfect for indoor and outdoor installation. Two stylish grilles not only complement modern on-board aesthetics, but also reduce the risk of damage due to the low protrusion from the wall. The sports style LED subwoofer features an innovative cone to provide bright and even LED illumination on board in a range of colors. Choose a color to match the mood, set the tone or complement your music, and enjoy bright, even illumination on board.