2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 38 Trolling Motors Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds (Fwd/Rev) 27-1355964w Pontoon 55/L&D 12 55 lbs. 52" 5/3 •  2 YEAR WARRANTY •  Extendable Tilt Twist tiller control •  Weedless Wedge 2 prop •  Cool, quiet power •  Compact mount frees up deck space •  Latch & Door for easy motor removal PONTOON HAND CONTROL Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds (Fwd/Rev) 27-1358745w PowerDrive V2 12 54 lbs. 48" Variable 27-1358729w PowerDrive V2 24 68 lbs. 48" Variable •  2 YEAR WARRANTY •  Grip glide stow & deploy •  Cool power, quiet power •  Battery indicator •  Includes quick release bracket for easy mount removal •  Micro-Touch foot pedal-w/18' cable •  Weedless Wedge 2 prop •  Unbreakable composite shaft •  Maximizer delivers 5x more power on a single battery charge •  Bluetooth compatible •  Upgraded foot pedal POWERDRIVE V2 PONTOON MT. FRESHWATER-ELECTRIC STEER Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds 27-1355946w Edge 45/L&D 12 45 lbs. 36" 5 27-1355947w Edge 45/L&D 12 45 lbs. 45" 5 27-1355960dw Edge 55/L&D with MK106D Battery Charger 12 55 lbs. 45" 5 27-1355970w Edge 70/L&D 24 70 lbs. 45" 5 2 YEAR WARRANTY •  Tempered, marine-grade extruded aluminum mount is both super strong and light weight •  Easy-to-read directional indicator is built in to the top of the motor head •  Indestructible composite shaft is guaranteed for life. •  Improved motor mount features an extruded upper arm made from marine-grade anodized aluminum •  Motor head constructed of highly impact-resistant, hybrid composite material for durability •  Ultra-responsive foot pedal is ergonomically designed for precise speed & steering control EDGE FRESHWATER BOW MOUNT WITH FOOT PEDAL Mount Indicator Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds Standard 27-1358790w 45PD BT 12 45 lbs. 48" Variable •  2 YEAR WARRANTY •  Deploy-Assist Lever: depress the lever to deploy motor •  Cool, quiet power •  Battery indicator •  Advanced electronics •  Small mount footprint •  Weedless Wedge 2 prop on select models •  Unbreakable composite shaft •  Digital Maximizer delivers up to 5x more run time •  Bluetooth compatible •  Include an upgraded foot pedal w/18' cable POWERDRIVE V2 FRESHWATER BOW MOUNT ELECTRIC STEER Item# Model Volts Thrust Shaft Speeds 27-1358814dw Terrova 80/IP 24 80 lbs. 60" Variable •  2 YEAR WARRANTY •  Fall away ramps for easy deployment and retrieval •  Positive lock deploy lever releases ramps and locks motor in position •  Balanced lower unit eliminates shaft twisting during stowing and deploying •  Stowed position master power switch •  Digital Maximizer for reduced battery drain, longer run time •  Heel-toe and left/right steer buttons •  AutoPilot (AP) on/off foot pedal with LED indicator •  Rotary speed control •  i-Pilot models feature 6 Spot-Lock saves and 6 Record-A-Track saves •  Bluetooth compatible •  Lift assist •  On/Off power switch •  No foot pedal included TERROVA™ FRESHWATER BOW MOUNT ELECTRIC STEER W/O FOOT PEDAL i-Pilot BT Remote