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KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 49 Trolling Motors Item# Marinco_Trolling_HalfVert_1* 70A Trolling Motor Plug & Receptacle Compatible with high amperage trolling motors and other electric accessories. Floating stage pins for maximum conductivity. External indexing for simple alignment. Universal design for 2 or 3-wire installations. For use with 12V, 24V, or 36V trolling motors. marinco.com Item# Description 69-12VCPS3w Plug & Receptacle 69-12VBRS3w Receptacle 69-12VBPS3w Plug Plug and receptacle for modern trolling motors in a compact, waterproof footprint. The plug features an integrated strain relief and thumbprint locator to mate with the keyed receptacle. •  70A continuous rating •  Universal design for 2 or 3-wire configuration 12V, 24V, 12/24V, 24/36V, 36V or 48V systems •  Corrosion resistant, plated brass electrical components •  Accepts up to 6 AWG wire •  Receptacle includes watertight sealing cap •  Plug includes Integrated strain relief and keyed design with thumbprint locator TROLLING MOTOR 70A PLUG & RECEPTACLE 12VCPS3 Item# Description 69-12VCPS2w Plug & Receptacle Package - 2 wire 69-12VCPw Plug & Receptacle Package - 3 wire 69-12VCP6w Plug & Receptacle with 6 ga. Adapter - 3 wire 69-12VBRS2w Receptacle Only - 2 Wire 69-12VBPS2w Plug Only - 2 Wire 69-12VBRw Receptacle Only - 3 Wire 69-12VBPw Plug Only - 3 Wire The ConnectPro system features locking plug and receptacle and spring clamping connection to provide a secure electrical contact. •  Receptacle is universal design for 2-or-3 wire configuration, 12, 24, 12/24, 24/36 or 36 volt systems. Features watertight sealing cap and corrosion resistant, plated brass electrical components with drain holes in receptacle. Standard 1 1/8" dia. mounting hole and accepts up to 8 gauge wire. Comes with mounting plate. •  Plug has O-ring seal for waterproof connections and weather resistant plug cover. Accepts 16 to 8 gauge wire. CONNECTPRO™ RECEPTACLE & PLUG 12VBP 12VBR 12VBRS2 12VCP 12VBPS2 Item# Description Volts Color 69-2018BP24w Trolling Motor Plug, Male 12/24 Black 69-2018BRMBw Receptacle & Bracket 12/24 Black 69-2018BRw Locking receptacle, glass-reinforced 12/24 Black Eliminates the need for a charge/run switch. The trolling motor plug (male) connects to the trolling motor, jumpered internally to supply 12v or 24v power to the trolling motor when plugged into the receptacle. The 2018BRMB features a spring loaded flip lid cover and 2018BR receptacle, pre-assembled. Convenient mounting. TROLLING MOTOR PLUG 2018BR 2018BRMB 2018BP24